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More To Come!

Stay Tuned for more post, I will be adding video and The R&B radio show is coming.........

Circles To Rectangles!

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least, a lot of things has happened from police shootings, to the UK leaving the European Union. Celebrity deaths left and right, a lot of sadness to madness around the world. I had many moments from job changes, and personal growth and even some set backs. But in the last week almost two weeks of 2016 there was some news from home that defined a valuable lesson for me in 2016.

A childhood classmate and someone who lived In the neighbor hood I grew up in passed away a few days before the Christmas holiday.  I was over come with profound sadness, when some one pass away it is always sad and difficult to deal with. This passing of this young lady, touch a nerve that I didn't even know I had.

In was not until her passing I realized we had a lot of things in common, for one we were the same age, I am couple months of older, same year of birth. Went to the elementary school from pre kindergarten to eight grade. Lived in the same neighborhoo…

Independence Day

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The Grammy nominations are out and of course the usual suspects such as Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West all have big nominations. Shout out to Lelah Hathaway for her two grammy nominations. The topic today I will be discussing is the independent artist and how streaming is the new wave.  As I was looking at the nominees for 2017 award show. Kanye rant about how radio play artist songs over and over again is more clear than ever now.

Even though Kanye is one of the nominees it still kinda of annoying to here the same names over and over again. I knew Beyonce was going to receive top honors, don't get me wrong I enjoyed the lemonade project very much. And Drake views yes had popular singles on it, but there were a ton of other projects that was pretty dope as well.
Monica album Code Red arrived last year December 2015, this album definitely could have made submission for the awards show coming February 2017. Since her 2010 album Still Standing album, which wa…

Great Albums Of 1996: R&B

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1996 R&B Albums:

Dru Hill: November 19th 1996  Dru Hill debut album was something to remember, it debut in the fall of 1996, with lead single "Tell Me" at that time Dru Hill did not fit the format of the stand male group, they didn't wear the same outfits. They had their own unique style, and great vocal presentation and the world was introduce to an larger than personality Sisqo. Often times when it come to the great debates of best R&B artist and groups. Dru Hill gets over look. Well I salute these fellas, I had this on cassette first and once again another cassette that ended up warp. If you have never heard this album, do yourself a favor and check it out!

BlackStreet Another level: September 9th 1996

Toni Braxton, Secrets: June 18th 1996

Anthony Hamilton, XTC: October 29 1996

Monifah, Mood & Moments: March 26th 1996

Sunset Park SDTK: April 23 1996

702, No Doubt: October 8th 1996

TonyToniTone, House Of Music: November 18th 1996

Montell Jo…

Charge It To The Game!

Kanye during the Life Of Pablo Listening Party: Google Images
2016 has been a trying time for many of us, some of us are meek and quiet and deal with our trial and tribulations in silence. And some of us deal with it in front of an audience via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat etc. But if your Kanye West you stand on a stage to your audience and have a meltdown. Well if you can call it that, some look at it as another Kanye Rant or he just being Kanye and that is what he do.

We can all chalk it up to it being Kanye just being Kanye, when I saw him speaking out on the politics of radio, Jay Z, Beyonce  and Drake. I knew this was not a typical Kanye rant, It was time for him to speak his truth in that moment and that what he did. He spoke his truth only in the best way he could, I watched that video several times. In that moment I did not look at Kanye as being crazy, I looked at Kanye as a man who was defeated.

We all get tired, it is called being a human and the pe…

Great Albums of 1996: Tupac Makaveli: The Don Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory

Google Images: Makaveli album cover
Life after Tupac has not been quite the same in the game of rap music since he passed away twenty years ago. Since his death we seen hip hop reach a billion in album sales, rappers become richer and richer. The Rise of southern hip-hop and many other things has happened since Tupac left this earth. On the day he passed on September 13th 1996, those of us that were fans of this artist did not know what was next.

Keep in mind we did not have social media or streaming sites during this time period. All we had to rely on was  the news, MTV, BET, radio etc. To find out what was next in the chapters after Tupac death. After his passing there were rumors that there was one more album coming out called Makaveli: The Don Killuminati- The 7 Day Theory.

A couple weeks after Tupac died two videos came out,  one was called "Toss it up" feat. Aaron Hall, K-CI & JoJo and Danny Boy. And then there was "To Live and Die in LA"; Those were the…

Can She Live Part I

Google Images: Ciara and Russell
Well I guess the times we are living in has changed dramatically, It used to be when a woman had a child out of wedlock she was called a hoe or something worse. And I have never agreed with that at all and still don't agree with calling a woman names because she has a child before marriage.  It use to be that a child should come from marriage with both parents joined in one union under God.

That what we we're told over and over again since the beginning of the time. Well in the 21st century things has changed and not for the better.  R&B singer Ciara who has a child by former finance rapper Future. Now is pregnant with her second child with her husband Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  Once again she is with child by her HUSBAND Russell Wilson.  You would think this is a joyous occasion being that a new life is coming into this world.

Nope! social media decided other wise and has dragged Ciara like she killed a baby la…

Politics As Usual

Hey I don't speak much about politics on this blog, I do like to engage in conversation about politics outside of this blog and educate myself and keep up with what is going on in the world. With that being said we are coming up on our next presidential election. I am not going to tell the readers who to vote for. What i will say is to please exercise your right to vote, it matters whether you believe it or not.

Great Albums Of 1996: Ginuwine - The Bachelor

Ginuwine made his debut on October 8th 1996 with his first album "The Bachelor" and the hottest song that was out at the time was "Pony" even my grandfather like this song. No seriously he had the cassette single and played it often in his car.  And yes he held a place on the bedroom wall he was the biggest poster on the my wall.  The song pony had an unusual sound but familiar sound too it as well and an interesting video to match.

Two months earlier Aaliyah released her sophomore album"One In A Million" the production was like no other in R&B music at the time. Due to new music producers of the time Timbaland and Missy Elliot. They continued to sprinkle their magic on Ginuwine's album, and like with Aaliyah they was also quite the trio with Ginuwine as well.

Ginuwine along with Missy and Timbaland was apart of Jodeci founding member and producer Devante Swing, side project Swing Mob.  G was trying to do his thing as a solo act and come out under t…

Great Albums Of 1996: New Edition - Home Again

Google Images/ New Edition Home Again Album Cover
I was the girl who enjoyed the boy bands, I love the Jackson Five, I listened to New Kids On Block, I even have a couple of The Backstreets Boys and Nsync CD's (shrugs shoulders). I have even seen 98 degrees in concert (Shrugs shoulders). With that being said this time this feature is on a one group, out of all boy bands if you will, that I love the most. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny.

My formal introduction to New Edition was when I about six or seven years old. This was around the N.E. Heartbreak Era post Bobby Brown who was making waves with his second epic album "Don't Be Cruel.  Biggest song out for NE was "If Isn't Love", they added Johnny Gill group to become a quintet once again.

The heartbreak album was N.E. most successful at the time,  it boasted singles such as "If Isn't Love, Not My Kind Of Girl, Crucial, N.E Heart Break and Can You Stand The Rain?." N.E was w…

Twenty: Remembering Tupac Shakur part 1

Google Images: Tupac last public appearance 1996 MTV VMA awards
September 4th 1996, was my first day of s high school it probably was one the worst first days of school in  my whole school career at that time. I grew up in Buffalo NY, and while all my friends was enjoying their first day of high school. I was sitting at home crying. Due to the fact I did not get into any of the high schools I chose. So I was at home coping with the fact that I was going to have to go my district school and at the time it was not the best school in the city.
My mother, aunt and my brother went to this school that I did not want to go to, so they along with convinced me to just get through freshman year. I had to get over it and face the fact that this school is where I was going to be for the 96-97 school year.  Eventually the tears dried up and later on that evening I had something to look forward to and that was the 1996 MTV Video music awards.
Before bed that night I watch the show as usual, all the bi…

Great Albums 1996: Outkast - Atliens

Google Images: Outkast Atliens 1996
August 27th 1996 Outkast releases second album "Atliens"

As the series on 1996 albums continues, a time where it was heavy in the east vs west coast beef  during a dark period in the genre. There was duo from the south, Atlanta GA that its. This duo  was busy focusing on planting their flag on the land called hip-hop. An album that rose from the bottom of the map and became an a very influential album of the times.

Outkast released their second album on August 27th 1996, the same day Aaliyah dropped her second album as well. 1996 released some heavy hitters from the genres of R&B and Hip Hop. Outkast definitely showed up to play. Like many of us who loved hip-hop and grew up either in the north east or the west coast. Some of us was busy taking sides, either you was down with the east coast boys Bad Boy (Biggie) or you were a down with the homies from the west, Death Row (Tupac).

These was some heavy times my friends, but hip-hop kept on g…

Great Albums 1996: A Tribe Called Quest - Beats, Rhymes & Life

Google Images: Beats, Rhymes & Life

July 30th 1996 A Tribe Called Quest releases "Beats, Rhymes & Life..........

July 1996 was  already a heavy month for hip-hop album releases, Nas had already dropped his second album "It Was Written" and De La Soul released their fourth album "Stakes Is High" De La fellow word smiths from Native Tongues. A Tribe Called Quest also released their fourth album called "Beats, Rhymes & Life. 

ATCQ came on another tip on this disc, coming off a hiatus from another classic album "Midnight Marauders" This time around Tribe, came with more a deeper perspective of the times they were living in, Some of the rhymes were more rougher that rhymes from their previous projects. The wordplay was there but it seemed they to be a little bit more aggressive then earlier albums.

Take the skit at the end of  "Jam", a group of young men coming from a party, drunk and high and one young man (Q-Tip) talks about alw…

Great Albums from 1996: Aaliyah - One In A Millon

Google Images: Aaliyah One in a Million cover 1996
August 27th 1996 Aaliyah releases her second album "One In Million"

August 25th 2016, was the 15th year anniversary of Aaliyah and her nine crew members passing away in a plane crash in the bahamas 2001. Fifteen year later on this day the fans around world reflected, celebrated and played her music, shared their favorite moments and pictures of Aaliyah. I am a fan and been one since 1994, since the year of her debut album "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number". 

It had singles such as "Back and Forth, At Your Best, and the title track AANBAN. And then around the fall of 1994 news circulated that 15 year old Aaliyah and 27 year old R.Kelly had gotten married. Aaliyah debut album came with a lot of steam and momentum, but the scandal had over shadowed what was a great project from the young singer. 

So around mid 1995 Aaliyah kinda fell back and focused on her studies at her hometown in Detroit MI. Keep in mind this i…

Great Albums From 1996: Mista

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Who knew that this verse "Woke up sunday morning, gotta a little bad news today, they say my life is not worth living. and time is slowly ticking away, don't think that I am going crazy, cause thoughts be running through my head, I know I gotta be strong, gotta hold on, sometimes i'd rather give up instead, seems like i'm off dead". These lyrics are from the song "Blackberry Molasses" from the debut album of R&B group Mista and this song was made in 1996 and 20 years later it fits in the times that we are currently going through.

In the era of Police shootings of unarmed black men, women and children, we have the Black lives matters movement happening and racial tension on the rise. When I go on my daily commute to work and home I have been playing this album a lot lately.

On July 30th 1996 Alanta quartet Mista which consisted of Bobby Wilson aka Bobby Valentino, Darryl Allen, Brandon Brown and Byron Reeder. Released what I fee…