A tree falls in the forrest........


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If a tree falls in the forest will anyone hear it? I don't the know the answer to that question and never will. But I do know that in the last couple of weeks in the world of music in there has been a lot of vocal displeasure's happening with talks of award snub's, and issues with record labels etc.

Nothing new  under the sun in the world of music, there was a video going around of R.Kelly pleading his case with his fans that he need their support to go and purchase his recent album that just came out. (google it). He feels that his fans (largely African American) is not supporting him enough, the current album sold about sold about 28.000 copies and which by today's standards, that would be considered a flop. A quote from the video.

“I bust my ass going around doing shows to survive, but I do this for the love,” Kelly said. “But come on, at some point we gotta start supporting each other. Everybody supports every other category of music, we gotta start supporting each other.” - Quote from R. Kelly via Clutch Magazine (clutchmagonline.com)

Oh Mr. Kelly I think you need to look at other factors of what may have contributed to the the lack of support and or sales of your Album, let's talk about the elephant in the room shall we?

In 2002 there was the sexual abuse allegations brought against you in regards your like for young girls and lets not forget the tape that came out to the public that fueled the allegations.  I am not judge or jury but you need to step into reality sir, as much success you still had after being found not guilty. It still left a bad taste in quite a few folks mouth, and the fan base started to dwindle down from there.

The fact that you closed out the soul train awards, that pissed a lot of folks off  bro, do you not keep up with twitter?

Also let's look at the fact that is it not the 1990's anymore, this is not the twelve play era sir, we live in the era of streaming services. Are you familiar with Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify? Today's music listeners are not as invested in music like they use to be when you first entered into the Industry. No one sits and anticipates the album release, super Tuesday is not a ritual anymore home boy.

You are no longer the leader of the new school dude, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla Sign,  and Chris Brown just to name a few. No disrespect to age here, there still a bulk of artists that I check for who are no longer shining bright in the spot light as they once were. There is a musical legacy behind your name, you are considered one of the most influential artist in the history of R&B music.

And speaking of your genre, R&B is in a different place right now, It no longer dominates the charts like it did when you were a new artist. Before the video was taken off line, you mentioned that you wish your record label would also support you better as well. These labels don't know how to promote R&B anymore, let alone a Veteran of the genre as well.

I am not an avid supporter of R.Kelly music, but I just had to say something, just giving my two cents. If  he really want people to keep supporting his music. He needs to focus on the fan base that he do have and be happy with who still supports him.

Wake up the tree has fallen, it up to you if you want to pick it up!


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