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Tale Of the Tape: Monica Code Red in review

New addition to this blog, is Tale Of  The Tape:  a review of  the latest albums that is out, and this week album in review will focus on Monica's "Code Red." A twenty year veteran in the game (Boy that sounds weird), Code Red is her seventh studio album, let's see how Code Red measures up

And this is Tale of the Tape:

Track 1: Code Red - Featuring Missy Eillot and Laiyah (her daughter):  The title track kicks off the album and starts off with Monica in the booth with her daughter and having her do some adlibs, A throwback beat on the production, produced Polow the Don,  Missy animated as always "does what I does, do what I do,Your hustle the same to me, here's something new" Monica and friends pointing out the state of music in the land of R&B. Very uptempo, not unusual for Monica to venture into this realm. Reminiscent of the vibe of her 2006 album "The Makings Of Me" album and song "Everytime the beat Drops" and little bit shy…

Rule 4080

Imafges from Google - L to R: Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih

So recently I just posted about how Mr. R.Kelly was complaining about not getting enough love and support from his fans and record label. In the world of social media, artists are having a fit about the poor promotion from the records labels and this is now becoming an everyday conversation.

Rule 4080 record companies are shady- from Q-Tip, there is a reason why he put that in a song folks, there are books and movies about the ill practices of the recording industry. Lately three artist have really been vocal about their displeasure of their labels

Chris Brown: Has an album coming out Friday December 18th called Royalty, in the weeks leading up to the current release date. Mr. Brown has stated the following "My label is the worst,  They are slowing (slowly) sabotaging my career" Via Chris Brown Twitter page" Brown is not too happy with the fact that there has been some songs leaks from this project and also…

Life Every Voice & Sing

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I was speaking with an associate of mine and she was talking about how her son teacher told him there was no such thing as a black national anthem. So I along with my other associates around me all collectively did a jaw drop when she told us that.

But then sometimes I have to remind myself that I live in Arizona, and teachers telling African American students that there is no such thing as a black national anthem should not be that much of surprise to me. I mean for heaven sakes look at how long it took to get Dr. Martin Luther King holiday passed in this state.

I am a east coast baby who grew up in East Buffalo NY, I grew up in an predominately African American neighborhood and attended predominately AA schools as well. So singing "Lift every voice and sing" was like drinking water. At the school assembly's we would sing the regular national anthem and then sing the black national anthem, so I assumed that all AA children grew up …

A tree falls in the forrest........

Image: From Google Images

If a tree falls in the forest will anyone hear it? I don't the know the answer to that question and never will. But I do know that in the last couple of weeks in the world of music in there has been a lot of vocal displeasure's happening with talks of award snub's, and issues with record labels etc.

Nothing new  under the sun in the world of music, there was a video going around of R.Kelly pleading his case with his fans that he need their support to go and purchase his recent album that just came out. (google it). He feels that his fans (largely African American) is not supporting him enough, the current album sold about sold about 28.000 copies and which by today's standards, that would be considered a flop. A quote from the video.

“I bust my ass going around doing shows to survive, but I do this for the love,” Kelly said. “But come on, at some point we gotta start supporting each other. Everybody supports every other category of music, …

Favorite Albums, EP's and Mixtapes of 2015

Other blogs are doing top 50 album of 2015, I listened to probably about that many or more,
however, I am not about to sit here and talk about fifty albums, I am not getting paid for this.
But there are some albums & EPs that I could not get enough of this year. So here is a select few below

All Images are from Google Images

My Top 12 Albums & EP's

12. Da Internz - Everyday Is Valentines Day (Mixtape)