Yesterday Ain't Tomorrow

As of recently there was another incident involving a African American girl and a white police officer, this time it took place inside of a high school classroom. The student an AA girl was asked to leave the class room for obeying the rules on using a cell phone in the classroom. She decided she was not going to leave, the police officer on site was called into the classroom and when the officer asked the girl to get up, she wouldn't stand up.

From what I seen in the video, the student wasn't being loud or obnoxious, she wasn't some gun waving criminal holding the class hostage. Since all those things didn't happen, the officer still decided he was gone make her get up by any means necessary, by using excessive force by flipping the student out of the chair and dragging her to front of the class and placing her under arrest.

And by the lack of emotion and numbness of the teacher and the rest of the class, this just seems to be another day in spring valley high school. This time it just happened to be recorded on another student cell phone. Not a word or peep  was  made and what disgusted me more is the teacher didn't step in and say hey man I just wanted her to leave the class and that was it.

He didn't do that he just stood there, I remember being in second grade and my classmate *Teddy (not his real name) was not doing to good in school, he was the class clown. But over all he was a good kid; Teddy mother decided to come check up on her son, mom was as the kids say today lit. She came in the class and made Teddy stand in front of the class and proceeded to ask how the rest of us were doing in school.

And some of us was telling the high scores we got, Teddy mother went on to say Teddy didn't get good grades. And then made him drop his pants and proceeded to give him a whooping (spanking) in front of the entire class. In the moment our teacher *Mrs Ross didn't know what to expect being that this was a unexpected. Teddy Mom got one hit and that was it, she was removed from the class room and the school property. And even though that was Teddy mother, my teacher and administrative was not going to tolerate her brand of discipline be done in the classroom.

Long story short my teacher wasn't going to allow that to happen again, parent or no parent, officer or another administrator, can come and put their hands on a child in manner that harms the child in question. The next day my teacher and principle apologize to all of us and made a solemn promise to us that no one will ever come into any classroom in that building and put there hands on any of us.

For the young student I am pretty sure that promise was not being made, I get it a student was not cooperating it is understandable you him or her to leave the classroom. They disobeyed okay ask for assistance but don't let it get to the point where an officer can come and flip a student out of the desk and you the teacher just stand there.

I am so mentally and emotionally exhausted with what is going on, with how the police are handling people and situations in the African American community that it is to the point where we have to ask the question, where are we safe?

We can't walk down the street, we can't go to church to worship, and now if a child is having a bad day in class they may be slammed to the ground for resisting arrest. I don't know what to say anymore, what I do know is that I fear for my life, my sisters, my brothers, granddad, aunt, brother in law, those who I consider close friends and especially my niece and nephews.

This video hurt me to my heart in more ways than I could understand, being AA woman living in this world is hard enough already . But to be in a surrounding amongst males and especially the teacher that have no regard for what happened and the possible fatal injuries that  the girl could have or may have received is unacceptable.

I am tired, I truly am I want to say so much more, but I can't on that note until next time......


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