We Got the Jazz

Images from Google: Top rapper Vince Staples, Bottom: Hip hop & RnB collage of 90's artists

There is an interesting debate and conversation buzzing around online in  the hip hop community and the reason is that rap artist Vince Staples was interviewed by Time magazine and he made a statement He does not know why 90’s music get all the credit, I don’t know really why?, Biggie and Tupac was the staples of the 90’s. That’s why they get the golden era credit, there’s not a 50 cent, or even a Kanye”

I am a big fan of  the 90’s hip hop music era,  I listen to it all day every day, and that is because I was there, I have a connection because that is the time period I grew up in. So I do understand where Vince is coming being that he was born 1993, and his era is more of the 2000’s hip hop era.

What truly ruffled some feathers with some of us “old heads” as they call us is that he reduced the era to just Biggie and Tupac and that why the golden stamp is given.  Biggie and Tupac is hip hop heavy weights no doubt, but it was not just them that made what we deem to be a dope time in Hip hop music.

There was Gangstarr, A tribe called quest, AZ, Foxy brown, Fugees, Lords of the underground, Digging in the Creates, the beatnuts crew, Redman, MC Lyte, Naughty by nature, Capone and Norega, The Wu Tang Clan and many more. During that time period a lot of music came from the genre between the years of 90-99.

This is from my perspective, the reason why I love 90’s hip hop is that rap artist and the producers made more cohesive and interesting albums. It was a better marriage between lyrics and production. There was more balance, rather it was gangsta rap, conscious rap or party rap it was a wider selection of artist that was being represented on TV and radio.

It was a different time and Vince was not there, so of course that era will be considered overrated in his eyes and yes there was no Kanye or 50 cent.  Because in the 1990’s Kanye was a kid in Chicago teaching his self how to make beats and studying his craft to become one of  the most successful artists and producers of the 21st  Century.  Of Course there was no 50 cent, because Curtis was on block during the day and writing his rhymes at night to become one of the most successful rap artist of the 2000’s.

So yes the 1990’s may be overrated to the younger generation who was either babies or not even born at all, this current era of  hip hop is theirs and rightfully so.  However understand that the artist that are current and popular now, was listening to the artists that were current and popular in 90’s and before.

To my peers aka the old heads (even though we far from old) 90’s music in general was dope and fun and we will always have it.  Don’t force on it the young folks they don’t care, they really don't care, talking about the past is just not fun for some. Just like when you didn’t want to hear the Ohio players playing  in your parents car,  it is the same for these young bucks.

We are living in a different time, you may not like the current style of Hip Hop or any other genre for that matter and I do understand, a lot of today's music I am not the biggest fan of, but I do like to give a try.

There are some dope artist out now who are Skyzoo, Joey Badass,  JoJo, Johnny Rain, Justine Skye just to name a few. In the next few years the nostalgia will focus on the 2000's and there is going being a kid born well after that time period,  that will say the same they won't under stand the hype. 

And that day is coming soon, but in the meantime those us that are 90's music lovers we will always have our memories and that is alright with me. 

The 1990's was a hell of a time, you just had to be there.....


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