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Yesterday Ain't Tomorrow

As of recently there was another incident involving a African American girl and a white police officer, this time it took place inside of a high school classroom. The student an AA girl was asked to leave the class room for obeying the rules on using a cell phone in the classroom. She decided she was not going to leave, the police officer on site was called into the classroom and when the officer asked the girl to get up, she wouldn't stand up.

From what I seen in the video, the student wasn't being loud or obnoxious, she wasn't some gun waving criminal holding the class hostage. Since all those things didn't happen, the officer still decided he was gone make her get up by any means necessary, by using excessive force by flipping the student out of the chair and dragging her to front of the class and placing her under arrest.

And by the lack of emotion and numbness of the teacher and the rest of the class, this just seems to be another day in spring valley high school…

We Got the Jazz

Images from Google: Top rapper Vince Staples, Bottom: Hip hop & RnB collage of 90's artists

There is an interesting debate and conversation buzzing around online in  the hip hop community and the reason is that rap artist Vince Staples was interviewed by Time magazine and he made a statement He does not know why 90’s music get all the credit, I don’t know really why?, Biggie and Tupac was the staples of the 90’s. That’s why they get the golden era credit, there’s not a 50 cent, or even a Kanye”
I am a big fan of  the 90’s hip hop music era,  I listen to it all day every day, and that is because I was there, I have a connection because that is the time period I grew up in. So I do understand where Vince is coming being that he was born 1993, and his era is more of the 2000’s hip hop era.
What truly ruffled some feathers with some of us “old heads” as they call us is that he reduced the era to just Biggie and Tupac and that why the golden stamp is given.  Biggie and Tupac is hip h…