Return of the Music Video

Gifs from google - Top Drake performing hotline bling, Bottom Sean Paul - I'm Still in love with you

By now you all have probably seen,  Drake do his two step in his turtle neck,  performing in his latest video, for current single "Hotline Bling". At first when I heard the single, drop on beats 1 radio thru apple music, I really wasn't feeling the song at first. But then the video dropped and now I cannot stop playing the damn song.

It has been a long time since a music video made me pay attention to a song, and yes I am about to go there, I come from the MTV/Video soul generation. I am a semi millennial I guess you can say, music videos use to have power of making the listener wanting to go and purchase and album from their favorite artist.

The music video played an intricate part of promoting the artist starting in the 1980's; One artist who capitalized and showed us how it was done was Michael Jackson he paved the way for the music video with his 1982 long form video for "Thriller".

Music artist started to tell stories to accompany of their latest single that was being played on radio stations, and some videos was minimal to very lavish.  Micheal Jackson once again sit at the top for the biggest music video budget of all time and this was for his 1995 single with baby sister Janet for their duet "Scream" The total  cost for the video was 7 million dollars.

But as time and trends change in music, we started to see the decline of quality music along the way, music video programming started to decline. Such programs as YO! MTV Raps, Bet Video Soul, Planet groove, Rap City, 106th & Park, and MTV total request live have  all found their final resting place in music programming history.

Unless you have the MTV Jams or VH1 soul, Revolt and Fuse through the cable providers or a regular youtube watcher online. Then you probably are not going to see your favorite artist shaking their tale feather. What  is cool about the Drake video is he having a good time,  he is not riding  around in a 64 impala going to the corner store rapping  about getting some smoke and getting up with some "b---ches (well he do have other videos, but this is his best one)

I am speaking to the video budgets currently in the hip hop genre, Drake currently made a visual with his latest video. And I think that is why people are drawn to watching his video, whether it be the goofy dancing or the wardrobe.

People are watching and talking about it, the video has a good quality look to it, very vivid in colors, the women for once are not scantily clad, they have on clothes. And top it off it was filmed and director, by director X aka little X.

Overall it is kinda of fun to sit a watch a music and not feel offended at the same time, i'm just saying!


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