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 Tinashe 2015

 Top: Tinashe, Melanie Fiona, Bridget Kelly: Summer of 17 EP, Jazmine Sullivan, Andra Day, Tamar - Calling all lovers

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If you have been to this blog before you know one of my favorite subject is music and if you have not been to this blog before; Hi my name is Shema and music is life, nice to meet you.  So now that we got that out  of the way. As usual  I was surfing you tube before bed (the new bedtime story). 

I came across an Interview with one of my favorite newer artist Bridget Kelly on a YouTube channel with Philadelphia radio personality Mina on her channel Mina says what. However during the Interview Mina was letting Bridget know that she is looking forward to future projects and wanting to see her win. 

And then Mina went on to say something the effect of you are doing R&B and your pretty much the only one as in the only female artist that is doing R&B on a  independent level making a name for yourself. And  then Bridget went on the say "R&B is in different place right now and that so far on the mainstream level there is female R&B Jhene Aiko and Tinashe". I was like whoa they have a point as far as in the game of R&B currently there is not a lot of female representation on the airwaves, signed or independent in the genre.

Now before you go and say what about Beyonce? Well aside from the recent collaboration with Nicki Minaj, and  her last single 711, she has not really had a fresh album out burning up the charts. And she is in the realm of pop. Oh Shema but wait Janet has just dropped an album! oh yes I am fully aware of the Goddess herself. Who currently sitting with her seventh consecutive  number one album ( and we will talk about that in another post). Janet Jackson a Pop icon, she has surpassed the genre of R&B  a few decades back and nothing is wrong with that,  she is the sister of the king of pop what more can I say?

So Rihanna don't count I see? Rihanna is another one who supersedes the genre R&B as well, sure the recent song BBHMM (b--ch better have my money?) has the elements of R&B/Hip -Hop in it and she has her Anti album coming soon. Yes that all is fine and well but Ri Ri is apart of the Pop Realm along with Janet and Beyonce.

What I am talking about is that there is no true face or voice of women in R&B music currently being represented on the charts. Billboard top twenty five R&B/Hip -Hop songs in country has twenty four male artist and one female artist by the name of Alessia Cara.  And I am not knocking the male artist at all, It just interesting that in the billboard top twenty five for rhythm and blues it only has one female artist on the charts.

At one point in time in the R&B Genre it was dominated by female artists from Anita Baker to Mary J Blige. Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica, Mya, Deborah Cox, Destiny Child, Lil Mo, and even the Pop/R&B hybrid of Power houses of Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey all dominated in the R&B Genre.

You may here hooks with female vocals with songs like Omarion "Post to be" featuring Jhene Aiko and like  I also mentioned above Tinashe can currently be heard on latest single "Player" featuring Chris Brown is the latest offering from the budding artist. And currently sitting in the top 200 is Tamar Braxton third LP " Calling all lovers" is at # 30 which in this climate music is good.  

The voice of ladies in R&B is not a dominant  force on the charts or mainstream radio, thank the lord for internet there are artist out still carrying a torch for the genre. New Kid on the block Andra Day latest album is out 'Cheers to the fall".  Melonie Fiona coming with third LP and has the latest single "I tried"  and let not forget Ms. Jazmine sullivan latest album, which is one of my faves of  2015 "Reality show"

And these ladies are all dope, these are some of the artist I check for and plenty others do as well, however their prescence is not being highlighted at the level in which they deserve. 

And if you like myself are currnently seeking more offerings from the ladies of R&B, here is a few to check out

Andra Day - Cheers to the fall: Out now
Tamar Braxton - Calling all lovers: Out now
Melonie Fiona - Awake: Early 2016, check out latest singles "Bite the bullet & I tried"
Jazmine Sullivan - Reality Show: Out now
Amerie-  Cymatika Vol 1 Summer 2016 
Bridget Kelly - Summer of 17 EP: Out now
Tamia - Love Life: Out Now
Teedra Moses - Cognac & Conversations - Out now!!!!
Monica - Code Red: Coming soon
Kandace Springs - Self title EP: Out now
Tinashe: Aquarius album and Amethyst EP  out now 

Just to name a few, Fellas I have not forgot about you.......


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