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Return of the Music Video

Gifs from google - Top Drake performing hotline bling, Bottom Sean Paul - I'm Still in love with you

By now you all have probably seen,  Drake do his two step in his turtle neck,  performing in his latest video, for current single "Hotline Bling". At first when I heard the single, drop on beats 1 radio thru apple music, I really wasn't feeling the song at first. But then the video dropped and now I cannot stop playing the damn song.

It has been a long time since a music video made me pay attention to a song, and yes I am about to go there, I come from the MTV/Video soul generation. I am a semi millennial I guess you can say, music videos use to have power of making the listener wanting to go and purchase and album from their favorite artist.

The music video played an intricate part of promoting the artist starting in the 1980's; One artist who capitalized and showed us how it was done was Michael Jackson he paved the way for the music video with his 1982 long fo…

Ladies First

Top: Tinashe, Melanie Fiona, Bridget Kelly: Summer of 17 EP, Jazmine Sullivan, Andra Day, Tamar - Calling all lovers

 all pictures from google Images

If you have been to this blog before you know one of my favorite subject is music and if you have not been to this blog before; Hi my name is Shema and music is life, nice to meet you.  So now that we got that out  of the way. As usual  I was surfing you tube before bed (the new bedtime story). 
I came across an Interview with one of my favorite newer artist Bridget Kelly on a YouTube channel with Philadelphia radio personality Mina on her channel Mina says what. However during the Interview Mina was letting Bridget know that she is looking forward to future projects and wanting to see her win. 
And then Mina went on to say something the effect of you are doing R&B and your pretty much the only one as in the only female artist that is doing R&B on a  independent level making a name for yourself. And  then Bridget went on the say &qu…