Dangerous Minds

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As Whitney once sang, "I believe the children of our future, teach them well and let them lead the way"  by now you have probably heard p the news story of  a young student in Irving Texas by the name of Ahmed Mohamed who built a  digital clock from scratch using a pencil case at home and decided to bring it to school to show his teacher. And you would think a teacher would be blown away by that and not worried about being blown away by the clock.

Ahmed teacher was suspicious and presumed that the clock was a threat, she was afraid it may have been a bomb. Now I am about to go there, if Ahmed was a white male named Adam Morris and had brought a clock to school, would he have been arrested?  Seriously ask your self  this question, if this young man was white, would this have been the same scenario?  I don't think so, it would have been probably deemed as a remarkable work of art by extraordinary measures. Adam would have been the talk of town with his Innovative clock made from a pencil case.

Ahmed Mohamed is a young Muslim male, and because of a few bad apples, fear of terrorism quickly came to minds of the school administration. I don't try to go deep into racial or political issues on this blog. Not that I can't, I like to have more in depth in person conversations on these topics. But as a woman of color living in time when every time I am looking at a TV screen or news feed on my phone, I see racial issues on day to day basis.

There is a daily occurrence and reminder of how being a person of color in this country can be harmful to oneself. I am seeing everything from unarmed black men dying at the hands of police, to a young black teen playing his music too loud and end up getting shot to death in the car.  Then to a black woman failing to use a turning signal and gets arrested, then end up dead in her cell three days later.

Now we are seeing this young man  who is a person of Muslim faith being treated like a terrorist for showing his curiosity and intelligence to his class. And the sad thing about all this, is that this is not the first case of teen who was curious about  science being treated as a criminal.

A young lady by the name Kiera Wilmot was expelled from school and charged with a felony back in 2013 in the state of Florida, due to a failed science experiment. She took some home chemicals mixed them in a standard size water bottle and a explosion happened. No one was hurt, students and some faculty didn't believe she was trying hurt anyone, she was a curious student who wanted to do a experiment and it went wrong causing her to be a kicked out of school and charged with a felony.

Kiera is African American girl who is a academic success and now have to do the her remaining years of high  school in a expulsion program.

Whether it's a simple invention or an experiment going wrong neither one of these youth should have been treated as criminals with dangerous minds.

Innovation and curiosity is what helps keep the world going, and if we stifle the minds of today's youth and want to punish them for having thoughts and thinking outside the box. Then what are going to look forward to in the future?

Someone has to believe the children of the future, if not then no one is going to lead the way........


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