Give up the Ghost

Ghostwriter: somebody who writes lyrics secretly for another person and they get payed to do it: 

According to urban dictionary

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"No ghost write for her"
                                 -Lil Mama

The term ghostwriter is being used a lot around these parts, well at least in the current world of hip hop. For those you of that are not in the loop, traditionally in the genre of rap music MC's ( master of ceremonies) aka rap artist is known to cite lyrics that are written solely by the artist them self.

Hip-Hop music in its truest form comes from authenticity with skillful use of word play to tell a story in rhythm and flow.  The MC tells his or her story written from their experiences, knowledge  or simply their imaginations. 

Either way it is expected for the MC to be the writer of there own rhymes.

Yes in other genres there are song writers and there always have been writers who write for other  musical artist. But in the world of hip-hop that is not something that is highlighted or celebrated. Enter the ghost writer, a guy or gal (yup I said girl) who is in the shadows writing all the  witty lines, hyperboles, allegories, double entendre, wild metaphors, a person that is just going berserk with the pen . This person is sitting and writing  or have wrote some of the best shit you ever heard in your life.

But you will never know who this person is because the superstar rapper will be getting all the credit for writing the lyrics. That is the case for some of the artist in the hip hop game, well this past week Meek Mill went on a twitter tirade; I guess you can call it that. On how real he is blah, blah, blah. And he said "Stop comparing me to Drake, he don't write his own raps! That why he didn't tweet my album because we found out! - via Twitter

Hold the phone! Drizzy Drake aka Jimmy from Degrassi don't write his own rap lyrics....parish the thought.

Boy please! Listen I am a true lover of the hip -hop music good, bad or indifferent, if this was fifteen or twenty years ago I would have lost a lot of love for Drake based on that accusation. 
But also fifteen, twenty years ago I was a kid who was learning and listening to music and understanding how artistry works.

I am bit more evolved and I do understand sometimes in song writing no matter the genre, sometimes a ad lib, word, line, bridge or hook may come from another artist or writer other than the premiere artist who is singing or rapping on the song,  

Now to throw my two cents in the conversation, if Meek is telling the truth? He could be, if Drake does not write his own lyrics eh it may sting a little bit to know that. On the other  hand Meek could be salty because drake didn't tweet about his latest album. 

I don't know what to make of this latest query about drake and the possibility of him having a ghost writer. Who is allegedly Quentin Miller, an rap artist out of Atlanta, who has been credited on Drake latest EP "If you're reading this now it's too late". 

Well if seeing a certain name other then the main artist a few times in the liner notes of your favorite rapper CD booklet or album jacket raise a red flag. Then folks it time to browse the composer section of your IPod, because reading is fundamental.

In all honesty with some of the lyrics I hear daily, some of these artists should fire these ghost writers. As I mentioned above hip hop music comes from a place of authenticity in its truest form. The genre has been far removed from being it's purest  form for a very long time.

In conclusion me personally I am not too heart broken if today's rap artist uses a ghost writer, I prefer rap in its truest form but like I said we are far removed from that time and place. Drake say some clever shit on his albums and if he had help eh. then again home boy has some emotional thoughts and for someone else to come up with those lyrics in there entirety than you my friend need to speak out, i'm just saying.

This post was not used by a ghost writer, written By Tashema Oates, Meek wrote the tweet, everything else written by me!


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