In the words of Marvin Gaye "Whats going on?" No seriously what is going on? In the past year l've seen and read reports of unarmed black men being killed by police, kids trying to enjoy a pool party being harassed by the police.
A young woman was killed because some horrible men assumed that she came from money and a young black was on rikers island for over thirty two months for a crime that he didn't commit and he committed suicide .
And this past week in Charleston South Carolina, a typical night for weekly bible study. A lunatic decides to go and sit for a hour and then open fire and kill nine people. This white man took it upon himself to go into a place of worship and go to  a predominantly historical black church and kill innocent people who were there to study the word of God.
You guess it I am about to rant, here we go!  I am not the most religious person, I do believe in God most definitely and from time to time I do take up a bible study session and a attend Sunday sermon. For me personally every now and than I need to just take a  moment and here an encouraging word to get me through what ever I am going through good, bad or indifferent.
As an African American it is well known in our community that church is our backbone. If anyone knows the history of slavery it was the one place that slaves could come together and be in peace and be in the presence of God. It was all my ancestors had and that tradition has carried on through the generations.
We deal with so much in this world, but the one thing that was always tried and true for most of us is that no matter if everything falls apart. At the end the road there is a church, a temple, and other places of worship. No matter what a person faith is, there is always a place of solace to come and be with like-minded individuals.
And that has been shaken to the core by this cold hearted man name Dylann Roof or whatever his name is. This rotten coward killed these people because he has a hatred for black people. It break my heart that we are living in these cruel and careless times and history repeats it self.
I have only been on this earth thirty four years and I never thought that I would be going through a resurgence of being in fear for being a black person in a America. I was born In 1980s after Jim crow and the civil rights era, and now I am going back into it.
It hurts me to my heart that these nine souls lost their lives In a place  where they felt love and felt safe, and now that is being taken away. Whether you like me or not at end of the day taken someone life because you don't like there look or how they are as individuals is not going you anywhere endless pain and suffering.
Racism is real and is upon with a heavy hand, and don't know about you but I am tired and emotionally drained and Lord willing I have a long way to go in this life. I can't do it alone, we have to live in this world together, that  was always apart of  the plan.
That what make life so unique, we come in all shapes, sizes, gender, background, complexion, mindsets. We were placed here for a reason what that reason is I don't know, But it definitely to be better than what we are right now.
May God bless the souls lost and their families who suffered greatly in this tragedy.


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