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In the words of Marvin Gaye "Whats going on?" No seriously what is going on? In the past year l've seen and read reports of unarmed black men being killed by police, kids trying to enjoy a pool party being harassed by the police. A young woman was killed because some horrible men assumed that she came from money and a young black was on rikers island for over thirty two months for a crime that he didn't commit and he committed suicide . And this past week in Charleston South Carolina, a typical night for weekly bible study. A lunatic decides to go and sit for a hour and then open fire and kill nine people. This white man took it upon himself to go into a place of worship and go to  a predominantly historical black church and kill innocent people who were there to study the word of God. You guess it I am about to rant, here we go!  I am not the most religious person, I do believe in God most definitely and from time to time I do take up a bible study session and a a…