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Black Music Month: 1995 Edition

Black Music Month 1995 Edition

Album covers from Google Images

Ah yes I am back for the zillion-th time, hey life is a busy and that is a good thing. Any who we are entering into the sixth month of the year (boy time is flying). Not only is it the month of June and summer is approaching. It’s also my favorite month outside of birthday month March, its black music month folks that time of year when I go hard at the music store and on line.
The origin of black music month was declared by former president Jimmy Carter on June 7th 1979, our current president Barack Obama renamed it African American Music Appreciation Month: AAMAM, me personally I still dig black music month sorry Barry. In the 21st century BMM is not what it used to be and it terribly sad in my eyes at least. The appreciation of any genre of music does not get the love it used to. Now that we can stream music on our latest gadget, whether it be a phone, PC, tablet, IPod or anything that can connect via AUX, WIFI or Bluetoot…