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Sneaker madness II

 Image from Google: Spring 1997 my classmates skipped school for these very same sneakers.

Wale just recently released his new CD called "The Album About Nothing" based off the Steinfield show, and he been on the promo run doing interviews. He did a recent radio Interview and the DJ brought up a question about his song "White Shoes" and Wale then went on to explain the song and he said something and it struck a nerve. He said when he was coming up in DC, everyone was getting free lunch in school, but everyone had on Jordan's.

And when he said that I had to sit and pause for a moment, I was a going through my teenage years around the same time period Wale was and even though he was in DC and I was in Buffalo. I had those same thoughts many of my classmates wore the Jordan's, cross colors etc but we was all walking through that lunch line and no register was ringing. As far I can remember growing  up in the inner city, kids around the way had the latest fashi…

A Stream Deferred.....

All Images from Google

March 29th, Jay Z and few notable artist such as Beyonce, Kanye West, J.Cole, Madonna,  and Nicki Minaj held a press conference for a relaunch of music streaming service Tidal. A Swedish owned company bought out by the jigga man aka Jay Z.  The significance of this relaunch of the streaming service is a epic day in music because its owned by artists. Now this have seemed to ruffle quite a few feathers among listeners of music and I do understand the grumblings that is currently going on

Streaming services and music apps are nothing new, so let me explain a few

Itunes: My personal fave, created by Apple, a music application that allows you to purchase albums from the Itunes music store. Also you can create a music playlist from your own personal collection, upload CD's, burn CD's. And your able to sync all content to a Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad. I own a Ipod and from time to time I buy songs from the store, and the majority of my Itunes library is from my ow…