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Pendulum Swing

 "In the moment, you don’t know how legendary things are going to be" - Damon Dash

So you are probably wondering why do I have one picture of pendulums, and another picture of Damon Dash. Pendulums swings back and forth once it has been provoked and sometimes in life a person could strike a nerve that causes a motion in dialogue that swings from one topic to another and it keeps swinging and swinging .

 For those of you that are not familiar with who Damon Dash is. He is the former CEO of Roc A Fella records that he co-founded with rap artist Jay-Z. Damon and Jay-Z are no longer in business together, that is topic for a later discussion. Damon recently did a interview with power 105 syndicated morning show the breakfast club with hosts "DJ Envy, Charlamange the God, and Angela Yee.

He went on the show to promote his current film project "Losidas" as the interview went on, there came a point where the conversation shifted and became a heated debate between DJ Envy and Damon Dash about having a boss and working a regular job. The conversation turned into a debate that went between Damon and Envy. On one side Damon could not grasp the concept of Envy wanting to work for someone and not have is own radio station want to be his on boss. On the other side Envy defended working for someone and having a job and work until its a possibility to have ownership.

Here are some of the quotes Damon made:

Can another man, someone tell you you’re fired? No one can tell me that. That's priceless to me.

9 to 5’s aren’t good because you are hustling for the weekend. But when you do something for your family it never feels like work. I hustle for my last name, i don’t hustle for my first.

 If you aren’t honorable and playing fair, you better watch out because i'm protecting love.

 There is no amount of money in this world someone could pay me for me to call them my boss. That's like calling somebody daddy.


Those comments and others made by Dash has sparked of slew of think pieces (such as this one), internet memes, trending twitter topics #tweetlikedamedash and so on. Most importantly it created a conversation about financial literacy, investing and entrepreneurship amongst the online African American community.

A conversation that has been a topic before, however in the age of social media  the interview sparked one big conversation. Some felt offended becuase of the verbage used by Dash as if having a Job could be the worse thing in the world. I think a lot us listening made the collective thought of how dare he, we work everyday to strive for better.  My issue with some of the points that Damon made, is that he didn't give the integral steps of what it takes to be a boss.  

That was the key part that was missing, how do we become a boss?  how do we build capital to invest in ourselves?  If he didn't miss those points, this interview could have been flawless. His delivery was bold and harsh, even though I didn't agree with some of his wording, I did understand the message he was bringing. It didn't go over my head., I totally understand and agree we as a people should want to propel ourselves into wanting to be financially independent and to take pride in ownership and investing in our own lives.

I will say this conversation stirred up some emotions inside of me, it me made think, regroup on building my own journey to financial freedom. Does some of the things that were said  in the interview,make me want to quit my regular old 9-5 job? No it don't however what it did do is help me realize that I need to keep working on my personal goals to reach the level of personal success that I want.

I guarantee on that day no one in that studio and those of us that listened and watched the interview, were prepared for the ripple effect that it caused. Whether we agree or disagree with Damon Dash  his word has made the pendulum swing into a conversation has been started about taking an approach to better our conditions.

I will leave with this thought, everyone like to sit down and enjoy a good dinner, but in order to do that, the meal has to be made, before it can be ate......

Just my thoughts.

SourcePower 105 interview. from youtube:


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