Finding my base

I just recently celebrated my thirty fourth birthday and I have been reflecting on the past, the present, the future. Like many do on their birthdays, this is nothing new I do this every year; however it’s a little different this year. The tenth anniversary of my mother’s passing was February 19th,  a week prior to that I was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion. And as you could probably imagine a lot was going through my mind and the whole time all I could do is think about her. 

Before she passed she wanted me to focus on my health more and concentrate on weight loss. For a few years after her passing I did just that lost weight, and felt really good. Summer 2010 I moved to Arizona, I was still slimming down at the point, but in 2011 when I got into my own spot. I fell off the wagon and that happens when one becomes independent and have their own space to do whatever, dieting and lifestyle changes. With being said Its time to get back in shape and better health.

I often wonder what my mother would think of me is she was here today, would she be happy with me living across the country? How would she feel about my current job? Or would she expect me to be mother, a wife? These are things I think about, these are questions that will never be answered. So on that note what I can do is be the best person I can be and I feel that what she would  she would want for me.

It has been a long road in these thirty four years on of my life and I still feel as if I have yet to get started. Some may not see it that way and so what if they don’t; All I want to do make the changes I need to do and make thirty four and beyond be awesome.

Happy Birthday to me


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