Dreaming of You: Remembering Selena


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 March 31st 1995: Singer Selena life is cut short

March 31st 1995, I had only been fourteen for a few weeks, it was the beginnings of spring in Buffalo NY, That day me and my sister had just came from Media Play ( a music store, boy I miss that store) I was spending my birthday money on some music, I purchased Mariah Carey Emotions ( I warped the first tape) and purchased a copy of Right On! magazine. I bought my sister Boyz II Men, II cassette, I have a awesome memory I really do.

 Anyways when I got home my mom was watching the news, It was a major news story happening in Texas, My mom asked me do you remember that singer Selena?, you showed me her video on the box (Defunct Video Channel), I was like yeah I really like her music, and then the dreadful words came from my mother's mouth, "She was murdered today" I couldn't not believe what she was saying, I looked at the screen people was all over the place at scene of the murder. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing on that news cast.

For me I was just really being introduced to Selena she was  a huge Tijuana music star, but for those of us who was not familiar with that genre of music like myself. She was as we use to say she was about to blow up, she had a song with the Barrio Boyz (Boy band). I was very familiar with the Barrio Boyz, and that how I learned who Selena was because of their video that was very popular on the box, the one I had my mom watching. So to find out she was killed on that day was terribly sad. A couple days prior rap artist Eazy E passed away from complications with A.I.D.S and now another music artist had passed away.

 That day I learned that Selena fan club president Yolanda Saldivar is the one who shot and killed Selena. . The Idea that someone that close took her life away is mind blowing. I've always felt bad for her fans, the ones who sent their money to get their t-shirts, posters, buttons, letters etc. not was only they robbed of their money, but their Idol was also taking away from them by the hands of someone who was believed to be a friend and a fan.

Two years later in 1997 bio pic "Selena" hit the theaters played by Jennifer Lopez, that movie really made me understand the impact that Selena had in the Tijuana music community. I was singing along with the songs even though  I didn't understand a word she was singing. That is the power of music, good lyrics, great voice can reach anyone.  Through out the film I got a chance to see what Selena was like outside of the music spot light; She seemed very well rounded, humble and sweet as pie. She came from a truly loving family and had a wonderful husband.

This film Instantly became one of my favorites, Jennifer's portrayal was spot on and in my opinion her best film to date. I learned so much about Selena in those two hours, and I then continued to learn more about her and listened to her music in English and Spanish.

Later in the 90's there was the Latin explosion with artist like Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez debut album came out, and many other Latin artist was making a splash. Latin Music been around for years however during that time period it became mainstream. And I've always felt that Selena should get the credit because prior to her death she was doing her English crossover music and she was becoming more known to the English music market.

She was building her buzz, she won a Grammy her songs "Dreaming of you, If I could fall in love" was being played on radio in the English market. After her death Latin music goes mainstream and if you was like me during that era,  you probably thought damn If Selena was here.

Twenty years later we still remember you Selena, and on this day I'll never for get the fourteen year old who life was spent in the record store because of like artist you. We will always love and cherish what you contributed to music. Your songs will live on on forever, no one will ever replace you or duplicate your sound, we won't let that happen.

Side note: Yolanda Saldivar is the sole reason why I never joined a fan club, she is the true definition of a dream killer, and that is all I will say about her.

R.I.P Selena Quintanilla-Perez
04/16/71 -03/31/95: May God bless your eternal soul

On that day March 31st 1995 this is the issue of Right On! I purchased, saved the cover for my scrapbook that I made later that same summer, at the time I didn't know why then I chose that particular cover. Twenty years later it was a part of a historic day in music, who would have thought?

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