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Dreaming of You: Remembering Selena

Images from Google: Selena at the 1994 Grammies

March 31st 1995: Singer Selena life is cut short

March 31st 1995, I had only been fourteen for a few weeks, it was the beginnings of spring in Buffalo NY, That day me and my sister had just came from Media Play ( a music store, boy I miss that store) I was spending my birthday money on some music, I purchased Mariah Carey Emotions ( I warped the first tape) and purchased a copy of Right On! magazine. I bought my sister Boyz II Men, II cassette, I have a awesome memory I really do.

 Anyways when I got home my mom was watching the news, It was a major news story happening in Texas, My mom asked me do you remember that singer Selena?, you showed me her video on the box (Defunct Video Channel), I was like yeah I really like her music, and then the dreadful words came from my mother's mouth, "She was murdered today" I couldn't not believe what she was saying, I looked at the screen…

Pendulum Swing

"In the moment, you don’t know how legendary things are going to be" - Damon Dash

So you are probably wondering why do I have one picture of pendulums, and another picture of Damon Dash. Pendulums swings back and forth once it has been provoked and sometimes in life a person could strike a nerve that causes a motion in dialogue that swings from one topic to another and it keeps swinging and swinging .

 For those of you that are not familiar with who Damon Dash is. He is the former CEO of Roc A Fella records that he co-founded with rap artist Jay-Z. Damon and Jay-Z are no longer in business together, that is topic for a later discussion. Damon recently did a interview with power 105 syndicated morning show the breakfast club with hosts "DJ Envy, Charlamange the God, and Angela Yee.

He went on the show to promote his current film project "Losidas" as the interview went on, there came a point where the conversation shifted and became a heated debate between D…

The Tides Are Turning

 Images from Google and site
2015 is shaping up to be the era of when rap and bullshit is dying, thank you Jesus. I am starting to see hope in the land of R&B and hip-hop. Mr. J.cole released a surprise album called 2014 Forest hills drive (his childhood home address). This album had no buzz or single, he announced the album three weeks before it was released. This current project is a refreshing taste of what is to come this year. J.Cole made this album for his damn self and I for one was not mad at him for it. 
Also  in the same month at the end of 2014 D'Angelo and his band the Vanguard released "Black Messiah" A grown up soulful album, with live instrumentation and endearing lyrics, stripped down sound. A very relaxing album to listen to this also gave me hope. Then at top of the year Ms. Jazmine Sullivan released her third album "Reality Show"  and true to form she never disappoints. If you don't own any of her albums please…

#DEARME: A note to young Shema

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 Well currently the trending topic of the day is for international woman's day. Which is #Dearme:  a note to my younger self. There is a lot I would tell my younger self, there is so much, and here is what I would tell young Shema.
Dear Young Shema,
Confidence:  Young Shema confidence is key in every thing you do, It okay to dream but sometimes don't keep the dreams to yourself. You have Ideas and it's okay express them, own them and believe in them. Speak up more don't be afraid to say what is on your mind, look people square in the eye when you are talking to them.
Trust yourself: Stop seeking validation from everyone to do what you want to do, it's your life if your not ready for college don't beat yourself up and let others make you feel guilty for your decisions. And speaking of decisions they are yours to make, its okay to get a perspective from someone else, however don't let them persuade you into what their fears are and sike your…