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Kanye West  made  song with sir Paul McCartney from the legendary group The Beatles and their song is called "Only one" a song dedicated to Kanye daughter North West. The internet was all over it as usual, the buzz wasn't so much about the duet It was the fact that the young generation did not have a clue as to who Paul McCartney is.  Like kids was asking and saying things like "Who is this Paul McCartney?" or "Kanye is going to help this Paul guy blow up" no seriously this really happened on twitter a few weeks ago.

Missy Elliot just recently performed with Katy Perry at the super bowl, then once again someone says "Katy helping out a new artist" and my personal fave "These songs can't be ten years old???" (More like fifteen kid) This young generation and I am  not putting them down at all. My concern is that we live in age where information is at our disposal at any given moment. When I was growing up I would ask my mother about older artist that I was not familar with, she would tell me who they were and depending on the artist she would bring out their album from her vinyl collection and show me who they were.

These kids have access to actually  type a name in a search engine and get a whole history of these artists and their music. At fourteen I would have love to been able to do that, at that time internet was around but I didn't have in my home and only few computers was limited with at the schools. So I had to comumicate and actually talk to mother as well as other adults about musical artists before my time. I am not saying yes you need to know who Paul McCartney and Missy Elliot are. What I am saying if you want to know something do some reading, ask questions, Google it, don't sit online and play yourself it's not a good look kiddo.

There is Itunes, Spotify,  Rhapsody, Google Play, and the lists goes on, copy and paste wasn't made for our health kids. By now we all know that social media, smartphones has taking over communication process, at restaurants, concerts events, bars clubs, we all have our faces glued to a screen on some type of device. Sometimes we need to look up and talk to one another. Teach and learn so the next generation don't have to sit online and ask who is Micheal Jackson,  Whitney Houston, Prince, Stevie Wonder: ( Sadly I feel not to long from now  those questions will arise)

That is my music nerd rant for now and course there will be more on that note parents talk to your kids about the past not just in music but about in life in general.

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