It's been a long time..........

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Well happy new year's everyone 2015 is month and five days old at this point, I know it has been a while and I am back for the fifty eleventh time. I wish I could be a dedicated blogger, because I do love reading them and sharing my thoughts. This year I will continue to bring content, in the the first month of the year it has been a lot of self reflection and not on some new year, new me bull. None of that, well the fact is I have a birthday in a few weeks and I am getting older which fine with me because I believe in progression and evolving, and that is apart of getting older.

Towards the end of last year I presented a project, which was a pilot for my web show called "The Runner" the pilot came out in early December and those of you who watched it thank you and yes there will be more episodes this year. I am actually currently rewriting the entire series, I received feedback, good, bad, constructive and indifferent. So I want to do is make a mark with this series and future projects as well. I went back to the drawing board reconstructing the characters. Writing is a process that takes time, patience and effort, so when I relaunch this project it will be executed correctly and that is a guarantee. I will keep updates about the runner on this site and my other site

As I mentioned above for the past month I have been doing a lot self reflecting of where I want my future to go. I am not going to go in grave detail of what that is but I will say that I think I finally understand what path I am suppose to be on. As I kid I thought I knew what that path was, I also thought the same in my twenties also. Well I learned that somethings don't always go as planned whether it's love, career, friendship, family etc. At the end of the day I know what is needed in order for me to be in the space I want to be in.

Let's have fun in 2015 and beyond


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