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"I understand that folks are mad at Beyonce for taking Ledisi shine on Grammy night. I was quite disappointed myself in bey. However does this mean that people are going to support artist like Ledisi more, she is truly talented. She has a fan base, but it would be dope to see artist like her get proper respect. I like Ledisi music a lot, as well as Chrisette Michelle, Eric Roberson, Emily King, Mali Music, Timothy Bloom and i can go on . 

Everybody mad for now but for how long?"

Tashema Oates
Facebook Post 02/10/2015

The quote above is a from my facebook page, by now people should be aware of the snub heard around the world. This past Sunday was the 57th annual Grammy awards, as expected Beyonce performed on the awards and this time around its wasn't one of  her hits. Beyonce performed "Take my hand, Precious Lord", the famous hymn. Yes this song has been performed by many so if your reading this I know your wondering why is this news.

Ledisi is a R&B artist who portrayed Mahalia Jackson in the movie Selma and in the film she sung " Take my hand Precious Lord". Fast Forward to grammies John legend & Common performed their sung "Glory" which is also on the soundtrack. Instead of Ledisi performing the song and then going to Glory, Beyonce has taken on singing the song at the show.

Mrs Carter asked to perform " Take my hand,Precious Lord" and of course she was not going to be denied to sing the song on the Grammy stage. Beyonce purpose was for social awareness in these times, that is great and all. But Ledisi should have been given that honor to sing this song on that Grammy stage, I like Beyonce and I like Ledisi as well but sometimes it would be nice to see some one else in the driver seat.

Everybody is upset with Beyonce and that is totally understandable, but my gripe is artist like Ledisi have been getting this type of treatment in the music industry for years. And it's sad that this situation at the grammies had to shine light on this. Beyonce is talented and works hard at what she does, and so does Ledisi and lets be honest she better vocally, and so is Shanice, as well as Chrisette Michelle, Amel Larrieux,
Goapele, Fantasia and I could go on.

If we going to be mad on social media, well let's be mad when it comes to listening the radio and buying albums. I am not saying boycott Beyonce music, I am saying support artist like Ledisi and others so when it come to an award shows performances they will be in enough demand and then we will get to see them perform and they get their just do.

Ledisi "Take my hand, Precious" from the major motion picture "Selma"
video from you tube page Gospel Nostalgia


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