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The Past, The Present, The Future

It's been along time coming, but I remember it like it was yesterday; Summer 1995 I was a fourteen year old girl living in the city of buffalo. Typical summer days for me was either hanging out with friends or going to the record store. I know you have read this same story before, well I am a music nerd and spending my summers at the record store was what would do in those days. This particular summer my favorite male group at the time Jodeci was about to drop their 3rd album, "The Show, The Hotel, The After party"
I was very of excited of course, so on July 18th 1995 Jodeci released their album, I had saved up enough to purchase the cassette which was just below ten dollars at the time.  I got it home and listened to it, at first I was not wild about it. Not as much as I was the first two especially "Diary of a mad band": You have to remember I was very young at the time. 
The concept of the album I did not fully understand, It was so much going on with the i…

I know your down, but when are you going to get up?

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"I understand that folks are mad at Beyonce for taking Ledisi shine on Grammy night. I was quite disappointed myself in bey. However does this mean that people are going to support artist like Ledisi more, she is truly talented. She has a fan base, but it would be dope to see artist like her get proper respect. I like Ledisi music a lot, as well as Chrisette Michelle, Eric Roberson, Emily King, Mali Music, Timothy Bloom and i can go on . 

Everybody mad for now but for how long?"

Tashema Oates
Facebook Post 02/10/2015

The quote above is a from my facebook page, by now people should be aware of the snub heard around the world. This past Sunday was the 57th annual Grammy awards, as expected Beyonce performed on the awards and this time around its wasn't one of  her hits. Beyonce performed "Take my hand, Precious Lord", the famous hymn. Yes this song has been performed by many so if your reading this I know your wondering why is this news.

Relevance in the digital era

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Kanye West  made  song with sir Paul McCartney from the legendary group The Beatles and their song is called "Only one" a song dedicated to Kanye daughter North West. The internet was all over it as usual, the buzz wasn't so much about the duet It was the fact that the young generation did not have a clue as to who Paul McCartney is.  Like kids was asking and saying things like "Who is this Paul McCartney?" or "Kanye is going to help this Paul guy blow up" no seriously this really happened on twitter a few weeks ago.

Missy Elliot just recently performed with Katy Perry at the super bowl, then once again someone says "Katy helping out a new artist" and my personal fave "These songs can't be ten years old???" (More like fifteen kid) This young generation and I am  not putting them down at all. My concern is that we live in age where information is at our disposal at any given moment. When I was growing…

It's been a long time..........

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Well happy new year's everyone 2015 is month and five days old at this point, I know it has been a while and I am back for the fifty eleventh time. I wish I could be a dedicated blogger, because I do love reading them and sharing my thoughts. This year I will continue to bring content, in the the first month of the year it has been a lot of self reflection and not on some new year, new me bull. None of that, well the fact is I have a birthday in a few weeks and I am getting older which fine with me because I believe in progression and evolving, and that is apart of getting older.

Towards the end of last year I presented a project, which was a pilot for my web show called "The Runner" the pilot came out in early December and those of you who watched it thank you and yes there will be more episodes this year. I am actually currently rewriting the entire series, I received feedback, good, bad, constructive and indifferent. So I …