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Try Again

Sighs.........well I didn't watch the Aaliyah biopic, so I can't give my analysis on the movie,  however social media gave me a brief synopsis of it.I am glad I didn't watch it; Not that I am expecting oscar award winning performances. The fact that family or friends was not involved was my gripe with the film. As a fan of Aaliyah as much as I would love to see a biopic of her life.  Along with other fans, we want it done right. In 1998 NBC made for TV movie of motown group The Temptations was an awesome TV movie.  It told the true story of the group and insight of who they were outside the spot light. And that's how a bio pic works, this Aaliyah  movie is based off a book that came out a few months after her death. I actually read the book and it told basically what we already knew. This film was a just a google time line of her life.Aaliyah and her family deserves better, yes she been gone for thirteen years. I get that some feel the family should have been more coop…

Web series: The Runner

I know its been a while, as I mentioned in past post I am embarking on a new adventure. I am in the process of developing and producing a web show titled the runner. Episode one has been filmed and is now currently in post production For more information about the series please log onto and also we are raising funds for a full season to be filmed please log onto I will be back to posting soon and also stayed tuned for The runner See you soon......