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New Adventures

Well I am embarking on a new adventure and I am proud to say I am putting a production together for my script and turning it into  web series. Currently right now I am posting for casting call so if for those who read this blog and lives in the Phoenix AZ area please read below

The Runner- Web series

Taylor is a single woman who has everything going for her except in the love department, meeting the right guys is not a issue for her. The issue for her is staying interested long enough to see a relationship flourish.

Casting for Pilot Episode

Taylor Douglas: (mid 20's early 30's) African American Female
Taylor is a funny, smart intelligent woman who knows what she wants out of life but when it comes to love and relationships, she won't be attached for a long period of time. .

Reese Porter: (Mid 20's early 30's) African American Female
Taylor's best friend and often time mild mannered, very sweet to a fault and usually the voice of reason when it comes her friend and her misadventures in dating, meanwhile she trying to maintain a relationship and advance in her career.

Nassir Dean: (late 20's Early 30's) African American Male
Nassir very handsome dress fly runs his own business was recently dumped by Taylor and honestly trying to understand what went wrong. He tries to get back in her good graces

Production Details
Production Title: The Runner
Production Company: Tashema Oates Productions
Writer or Producer: Web series written by Tashema Oates
Director: Jonathan Smith

Compensation: During filming lunch and Demo Reel for portfolios
Audition Dates: contact
Run/Shoot Dates: TBA

Additional Information
Audition will be for the pilot episode and will need three of the principal characters for the pilot, Taylor, Nassir & Reese.

What to Prepare:
A Monologue from a film, play or literature work, line from the Runner script that will be sent via email for those who are interested
Audition DetailsFor more details about the auditions please email


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