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New Adventures

Well I am embarking on a new adventure and I am proud to say I am putting a production together for my script and turning it into  web series. Currently right now I am posting for casting call so if for those who read this blog and lives in the Phoenix AZ area please read below

The Runner- Web series

Taylor is a single woman who has everything going for her except in the love department, meeting the right guys is not a issue for her. The issue for her is staying interested long enough to see a relationship flourish.

Casting for Pilot Episode

Taylor Douglas: (mid 20's early 30's) African American Female
Taylor is a funny, smart intelligent woman who knows what she wants out of life but when it comes to love and relationships, she won't be attached for a long period of time. .

Reese Porter: (Mid 20's early 30's) African American Female
Taylor's best friend and often time mild mannered, very sweet to a fault and usually the voice of reason when it comes her …