I know I have not posted any thing in the last few weeks it has been so much going on in the world with recent killings of Michael Brown, American Journalists getting their heads decapitated, Ice bucket challenges etc. Its not that I don't have an opinion on these items but the at of the day these topics has been talked , discussed, debated,  posted facebook, twitter and instagram.  With me blogging, it will be just another think piece and no actual solution and yes I would to help create a resolution in due time.

Now will I will discussing such topics as I see fit but right I myself am in a transitional period. My thoughts and creative process is coming together so I do apologize if I am not catering to the masses on a daily basis. I promise to keep coming with different content as the days come. Being in a transitional phase is becoming to be actually refreshing to me. I recently had a disagreement with a friend who was upset about me bring up certain topics during a outing.

It was not my intentions to bring up anything that wasn't corresponding to the vibe. However if something is on my mind no matter the time or place if  I bring it up that means it was something I just needed to say. Going forward changes are being and the path Is finally clear, I just thought I share that carry on.

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