So many Tears: The death of Tupac eighteen years later

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Ironic that Notorious Big and Tupac Shakur would have share a date in hip hop history

September 13th 1996: Tupac Amaru Shakur died........

Hip hop was never the same after Pac died I will never forget that day as long as I live, September 13th 1996 was on a Friday. I had just finished my second full week of my freshmen year of high school so a sista was super tired. It was a long week of getting adjusted to different class schedules, long home work assignments, getting lost and getting to class on time. New world for me, I remember later that night I was laying in my bed my mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen and as usual she was playing the radio. As I listened to the rain fall the DJ interrupts song and announces Tupac died from his gun shots wounds he was twenty five years old. Complete and utter silence in my house that night and that Monday morning the bus ride on the way to school was silent as if Tupac was a student at South Park high school in Buffalo NY.

He affected me and my generation in a major way, I was born in the early eighties after the civil rights movement. Tupac was my Malcolm and my Martin. we didn't have leaders  that spoke to us or understood us the way Pac did. Tupac saw the plight of the black community and spoke on it at any given time. He had his moments from spitting on the reporters, being high on camera talking crazy, getting into altercations with the police he was young and reckless. But passionate and intelligent at the same time and that what made me fall in love with Tupac.

Yes he was extremely handsome he had a smile that that would you make lie to your mama and crazy charisma every time he was on the TV screen. I fell love with what could have been if he had lived beyond his twenty five years. He brought excitement to every album, it was like doing a 360 spin, he rapped about guns, drugs, racism, sex, parties, hope. despair. fortune,  poverty, his love for women, his complications with women, change, shock, peace. Tupac had a wide range of topics on every album he made.

He was a visionary and complicated at the same but those of us who loved him understood him as well. We understood when he said Brenda got a baby and then  said I get around. It made sense to us we loved him for it. At the end of the day Tupac was more then a rapper, he was man who had gift and was taking away from us to early. This post is coming straight from my heart when I loved Tupac Amaru Shakur, I am not saying he was saint or he was perfect. He was human being like the rest of us with passion In is last days I hated that him and biggie did not get along but a greater force beyond what anybody could ever imagine was in control.

As much as I and others miss Tupac Shakur, I just hope that he is in peace and may God bless his soul

Tupac Amaru Shakur 1971-1996......

I put this this video together  a few years ago R.I.P Pac


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