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Last post was on transitions and how changes are being made in my life and just in the world in general. When I was growing up all the way through my twenties I was a magazine collector; I was into the teeny bopper magazines at first. Such as bop, big bopper, Right-on!, Word up, Fresh, Fly, black beat, teen machine, super teen and the list goes on.

As I moved into my teens and twenties, I started to read YSB(another good publication that saw it fate too early),  teen people (another one)ebony, jet (this one too), essence, rolling stone, the source, XXL.

But one particular magazine apart of the list is Vibe my first glance of vibe magazine was in 1994 and the beastie boys was on the cover (R.I.P MCA) it was a very huge magazine a lot like rolling stone but geared towards the urban hip-hop and R&B market's. Vibe was influential in covering controversial topics such as infamous east coast vs. west coast beef involving late rap artists Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. They had some of the best covers from death row records to Michael Jackson to 1996 Olympic dream team .

Vibe was founded around 1993 by producer Quincy Jones.

The magazine once folded in 2009 due to low sales and then re emerged again in 2013 under new staff and ownership. Well it has been reported once again that the magazine will go out of print for good and remain as digital content. Even though its been out of print before, I was actually happy to see it comeback to the news stands. So its bittersweet to see it die again weird as that sounds  but I actually am kind of sad.

I read that magazine for twenty years from age thirteen to thirty three never skipped a beat and yes I do understand the times we are living. I love the internet and is immersed with it daily been that way since my youth. Everything is digital and I under this movement in digital publication I would not be here typing this piece. It Just I come from that generation  right before everything became technological based.

So  having the genuine article of some mediums is needed in my opinion seeing magazines such as vibe and jet go out of print to become digital is some what unfortunate. Books and magazines should stay in physical form. Its nothing like cracking open a fresh book or glancing through the latest issue of a magazine standing at the news stand, library or bookstore.

With that being said at least there is still

R.I.P Vibe Magazine 1993-2009. 2009-2014

Also in remembrance:

Teen people 1998-2006: this was a great magazine for young adults articles was written great covers very insightful and useful reading material, and yes if it was still out today in my thirties I would still read this magazine and wouldn't think twice about it

**I remember buying this issue end of summer 1998, Oh Usher and the 90's....**

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