I wanna be down: Brandy debut album turns twenty

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September 27th 1994: Brandy releases self titled debut album "Brandy"

Once again this story takes place in the summer of 1994 (true story and good music came out that summer). Aaliyah was rising, Nas and Biggie smalls brought hip hop back to the east coast, Toni Braxton was huge on the charts (love her music too) the good fellas of Boyz II Men was coming back with their second album (check out power 94 post). And on the horizon was Mary's my life album. Who ever is reading this I know you're probably thinking I wish she would get to the point and I will. There was no denying the impact of  Brandy single "I wanna be down" It was always on the radio and the video was always on TV.

I was very familiar with this young lady name Brandy, just a year prior she was on the now defunct sitcom Thea. I knew she could sing because she sung on one of the episodes. And at the time I thought she had a great voice, I didn't think much else because she was on the show and I didn't know during that time she was recording her debut album. Fast Forward to the current single it was very popular nationwide.  So as the summer went on the remix (when remixes were king) came out featuring Mc lyte, Queen Latifah and Yo-Yo. (dope collaboration).

Fall of 1994 comes around three weeks into being a 7th grader of course my mind was going to school being around friends looking forward to the weekend, the good days. September 27th wasn't a regular Tuesday it was super Tuesday, the day when albums, tapes and CD's came out in stores and on the that day folks. I was not prepared for Ms. Norwood debut album. Like I said I loved what the current single was but at the time I didn't think much of it more than being a good song.

That day after school I went to go get my copy of the tape yes I said tape, I went and got it, with the money that I hustled and saved. So I went and bought it and then came home and played it in my walkman. When I pressed play everything changed from that moment, the funky horns started blasting in my ears that was the intro to the song "Moving On" I was like okay I like the vibe on this one real mellow, then the bass line on the next song came on which became the second the single and that song is called "Baby" I was really feeling that one, okay the first two songs is tight, alright Brandy you go girl.

Next song came on and there was the flutes in the beginning so I listened to that one, and this song which became her third single "Best Friend" with this song I stayed stuck on it for a minute I really liked the vocals and the message on this track. At that stage for me in life friends meant everything at thirteen; so I played it a few times before I got to the next song and of course the next song was the debut single. So on to the Interlude:"I dedicate part I" that was really cool a little acappella paying homage to her favorite singers I liked that. But the next song after and this is what sealed the deal for me, and made me become a lifetime member of the Brandy fan club.

"Brokenhearted" ( shakes head) man that song right there, at the time that song was very impressive to me, of course I was blessed to hear the great voices of  Whitney, Mariah, Luther, Anita and so on. I was very familiar with good voices. But to have a singer in my age range vocally capable of singing a song like brokenhearted that probably may have been better fit for an older artist. The opening line " I may be young but wise enough to know that you don't fall in love over night" at thirteen I thought that was deep. The melodies and the harmonies is what made that the standout song from the album.
And to make this song even better is that she sung the song one take, because she wanted to go to six flags.

At this point in the album it only got better from there "I'm Yours, Sunny day, As long as your here, Always on my mind, I dedicate part II, Love is on my side, Give me you and I dedicate part III" finishes out the second half of the album. Over all this was a very pretty impressive debut album from a fifteen year old girl from Carson CA. "Brandy"  went on to become 4x platinum by 1995 in those days that was saying something. As you can see in the picture up above I still play this album on a regular basis. I had the tape moved on to the CD and now it on heavy rotation on my Ipod. I loved this album at thirteen, twenty three and now thirty three. Will most likely be listening to for the rest of my life.

Even though its album of teen love songs it still sounds good to me and especially in this current era of music. I would much rather listen to album from 1994 then 2014 sorry that is how I feel. Brandy debut album is part of my daily soundtrack in life. I know I can't  bring back the past but music will always be the audio time capsule that keeps a lid on the nostalgia.

Bravo Brandy Norwood for making a classic debut album that kicked off an amazing twenty year career and on that note......


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