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I wanna be down: Brandy debut album turns twenty

photos courtesy from me

September 27th 1994: Brandy releases self titled debut album "Brandy"

Once again this story takes place in the summer of 1994 (true story and good music came out that summer). Aaliyah was rising, Nas and Biggie smalls brought hip hop back to the east coast, Toni Braxton was huge on the charts (love her music too) the good fellas of Boyz II Men was coming back with their second album (check out power 94 post). And on the horizon was Mary's my life album. Who ever is reading this I know you're probably thinking I wish she would get to the point and I will. There was no denying the impact of  Brandy single "I wanna be down" It was always on the radio and the video was always on TV.

I was very familiar with this young lady name Brandy, just a year prior she was on the now defunct sitcom Thea. I knew she could sing because she sung on one of the episodes. And at the time I thought she had a great voice, I didn't think much else because…

So many Tears: The death of Tupac eighteen years later

Photo from google search

Ironic that Notorious Big and Tupac Shakur would have share a date in hip hop history

September 13th 1996: Tupac Amaru Shakur died........

Hip hop was never the same after Pac died I will never forget that day as long as I live, September 13th 1996 was on a Friday. I had just finished my second full week of my freshmen year of high school so a sista was super tired. It was a long week of getting adjusted to different class schedules, long home work assignments, getting lost and getting to class on time. New world for me, I remember later that night I was laying in my bed my mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen and as usual she was playing the radio. As I listened to the rain fall the DJ interrupts song and announces Tupac died from his gun shots wounds he was twenty five years old. Complete and utter silence in my house that night and that Monday morning the bus ride on the way to school was silent as if Tupac was a student at South Park high school in …

It was all a dream: Ready to Die turns twenty

"As we proceed to give you what you need" - Intro to Who shot ya-- Puffy Daddy aka Diddy

September 13th1994: Ready To Die drops in stores.......

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you should already know how I feel about the year 1994 when it comes to music. I am at that age where I sit back and reflect on how music of  my youth played a role in my coming of age.  September 13th 1994 at the time new rap artist Biggie smalls aka Notorious B.I.G released his debut album "Ready to Die" The narrative of new york street life with a score, well that is how is viewed it. That summer "Juicy" was blowing up (90's slang) all over the radio and TV stations; couldn't not get away from that song no matter how hard I tried, but I loved it.

Many hip hop fans will give you different accounts on why they feel this is a classic rap album, well here is my two cents. West coast hip hop was a dominating force in the culture in the early nineties of cour…

Internet killed the magazine cover

Vibe magazine covers from google search

Last post was on transitions and how changes are being made in my life and just in the world in general. When I was growing up all the way through my twenties I was a magazine collector; I was into the teeny bopper magazines at first. Such as bop, big bopper, Right-on!, Word up, Fresh, Fly, black beat, teen machine, super teen and the list goes on.

As I moved into my teens and twenties, I started to read YSB(another good publication that saw it fate too early),  teen people (another one)ebony, jet (this one too), essence, rolling stone, the source, XXL.

But one particular magazine apart of the list is Vibe my first glance of vibe magazine was in 1994 and the beastie boys was on the cover (R.I.P MCA) it was a very huge magazine a lot like rolling stone but geared towards the urban hip-hop and R&B market's. Vibe was influential in covering controversial topics such as infamous east coast vs. west coast beef involving late rap artists Tupac…


I know I have not posted any thing in the last few weeks it has been so much going on in the world with recent killings of Michael Brown, American Journalists getting their heads decapitated, Ice bucket challenges etc. Its not that I don't have an opinion on these items but the at of the day these topics has been talked , discussed, debated,  posted facebook, twitter and instagram.  With me blogging, it will be just another think piece and no actual solution and yes I would to help create a resolution in due time.

Now will I will discussing such topics as I see fit but right I myself am in a transitional period. My thoughts and creative process is coming together so I do apologize if I am not catering to the masses on a daily basis. I promise to keep coming with different content as the days come. Being in a transitional phase is becoming to be actually refreshing to me. I recently had a disagreement with a friend who was upset about me bring up certain topics during a outing.