The Writing on the Wall: Destiny's Child second album turns 15

The year was 1999 going into the last month of summer and a month before the start of my senior year, as usual I was chilling aside from doing summer classes in the morning. Making my regular visits to record store (for you young folks a place where they sell, CD's, Vinyl and cassettes tapes) in the summer of 1999 radio still was something to listen to. That summer one of my favorite groups at the time had out a song called "Bills, Bills, Bills" performed by Destiny's Child.

On July 28th 1999 they released their second album entitled The writing is on the wall and that tittle held another meaning months after the release. I was eighteen when that CD dropped and from what I remember when listening to it. My thoughts were man this joint is tight (Hey I was teenager thats how we talked) eighteen cuts dope front to back. With other singles like "Bug A Boo" "Say my name" and "Jumpin Jumpin" this album was fun and youthful.

My favorite song on TWOTW is confessions for me at time many female singers didn't really have songs about being the cheater. And when I heard it I was like oh wow not you Beyonce,  please say you didn't cheat. This definitely was a coming of age album for the girls and myself as well and this was during a time of female empowerment in music, TLC had there classic song scrubs on radio at the time.

This was a time when women in music had a voice about more than singing a sappy love song, it was about kicking ass and taking names (Ah so refreshing). And this exactly what Destiny Child did on their sophomore effort. The CD was holding steady on the charts and then as the year went on controversy came along and change the dynamic of the group forever.

Third single "Say my name" dropped around late 99 early 00, like many I anticipated the video for the song when it debuted on BET. The video was cool very colorful but it was something about it and while I was watching the video I couldn't quite put to my finger on it. After it ended it hit me Letoya and Latavia was not in the video. This was before blogs and social media so at time we had to wait on the magazines and radio to report what happened.

And once word spread that two members was kicked out  of  the group and were replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin (she was kicked out summer of 2000). The writing was truly on the wall and with controversy the group blew up and I've always partly felt that was the plot from the beginning, they was hot but then the crossover happened for the group after the firing of Letoya and Latavia.

Destiny Child went on to become one of the best selling female groups of all time, Beyonce is now a international icon. Kelly Rowland has success a solo artist and actress, Michelle is star on Broadway, released some gospel albums. Letoya had some success as well with her debut solo album, she appears in films and owns a boutique. Letavia has hit some stumbling blocks along the way but is making her journey to better appearing on latest season of R&B Divas. Unfortunate circumstances for Farrah Franklin who was recently been arrested.

In conclusion writing on the wall was a good album not bad for four girls from Houston TX. I love Michelle but I will always love the original line up of, Beyonce, Kelly, Letoya and Latavia a sisterhood that was awesome to see.

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