Four years and counting

July 3oth is my four year anniversary of living in the state of Arizona, fours years ago I came and stayed with my best friend. A lot people ask me why Arizona?, isn't too hot out there in the summer? and isn't it a desert? Yes its gets really hot because it is a desert and the reason why I moved out here is that I wanted change and needed it.

 Four years ago I was in my late twenties living in my granddad house, also the same house I grew up in.  At that point I was a stage of wanting something different, I did everything I possibly could do in the city of Buffalo. Of course I was born there I attended school received my high diploma and also my associates and bachelors (yes I am educated). I lost my mother and father in Buffalo along with other relatives. Job wise there wasn't much at the time and from the look of things that has not changed much since I left.

I went back home to visit twice and I do see significant changes in my hometown but it still has a long way to go. I still root for Buffalo and always will ,lord willing it  will be from afar. Living out here in Arizona has thought me a lot of things about myself.

I have matured into the woman I want to be: I am lot more vocal now, speak up more, I look people square in the eye. Take more challenges i.e.-hiking (something that I would have gotten to do back home) My independence means everything to me, the shy and introverted aspects of me are still there, I open up more.

I am a strong individual: Being a woman moving across the country away from family and staying gone takes a lot of strength, tolerance and faith. I remember when I was younger I use to read stories about women who move out and travel the world, live in different places and would wonder how they do it, now I get it,  just have to believe in yourself and I do.

I love Palm Trees and Mountains:  Let me be clear life is not always peaches and sunshine, I have my hard days like anyone else. One thing that never gets old is the scenery of palm trees and mountains. Some times if I am filling stressed or upset, I just look up and stare at a palm tree or if near a mountain I just look at it and then I am alright. Seriously that's it my day is better, when a person is surrounded by beautiful surroundings it makes a hell of  difference my friend.

In the beginning stages  I hit a couple rough days that almost had me on the next thing smoking back to New York, but I am so glad I decided to stay.  Yes I miss my family and there are days I do get home sick, that is natural however my path has lead me out here and my journey is far from over. Will I spend the rest of my life in AZ? maybe or maybe not who knows in the next four years I could be posting about living in London, or  Egypt or in Seattle WA, all I know is that I am walking this path and not looking back.

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Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that things are going well for you in Arizona. A change of scenery can do wonders.

I'd never get tired of palm trees and mountains either. I love nature.

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