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Music Nerd: A Grammy Conversation -The State of R&B (Part 1)

"It's about working it R&B is not like fast like Hip-Hop, It's not fast like Pop it's not of the moment you got to spend some time with it"-Gail Mitchell Sr. Editor of Billboard magazine

Yes I have harped on this topic time and time again, well that what music nerds do we discuss music and on that note I came across a video on youtube called Grammy conversations a panel where artists, writers and producers discussed the state of R&B music check out the video below

Video from Youtube Channel: This is RnB

The Writing on the Wall: Destiny's Child second album turns 15

The year was 1999 going into the last month of summer and a month before the start of my senior year, as usual I was chilling aside from doing summer classes in the morning. Making my regular visits to record store (for you young folks a place where they sell, CD's, Vinyl and cassettes tapes) in the summer of 1999 radio still was something to listen to. That summer one of my favorite groups at the time had out a song called "Bills, Bills, Bills" performed by Destiny's Child.

On July 28th 1999 they released their second album entitled The writing is on the wall and that tittle held another meaning months after the release. I was eighteen when that CD dropped and from what I remember when listening to it. My thoughts were man this joint is tight (Hey I was teenager thats how we talked) eighteen cuts dope front to back. With other singles like "Bug A Boo" "Say my name" and "Jumpin Jumpin" this album was fun and youthful.

My favorite song o…

Four years and counting

July 3oth is my four year anniversary of living in the state of Arizona, fours years ago I came and stayed with my best friend. A lot people ask me why Arizona?, isn't too hot out there in the summer? and isn't it a desert? Yes its gets really hot because it is a desert and the reason why I moved out here is that I wanted change and needed it.

 Four years ago I was in my late twenties living in my granddad house, also the same house I grew up in.  At that point I was a stage of wanting something different, I did everything I possibly could do in the city of Buffalo. Of course I was born there I attended school received my high diploma and also my associates and bachelors (yes I am educated). I lost my mother and father in Buffalo along with other relatives. Job wise there wasn't much at the time and from the look of things that has not changed much since I left.

I went back home to visit twice and I do see significant changes in my hometown but it still has a long way to …