The curious case of the Aaliyah biopic

Those of you who read this blog should know by now that yes I am a big Aaliyah fan forever and always. With that being said this past week there has been petitions being made fans speaking out against the casting of Aaliyah biopic. This week it was announced that seventeen year old Zendaya Coleman of Disney channel show shake it up has been cast as Aaliyah and that has pissed off a lot of folks. Surprisingly I am not upset by it, would she have been my first choice? of course not but I am not a casting director nor am I hater.

Zendaya getting the part does not bother me (please don't kick me out the legion) We are living in twenty fourteen and what has been going in entertainment does surprise me at all. If this movie is going to happen I hope she prove me wrong like rapper lil mama did when she portrayed left eye in the TLC movie, I'm hoping she kick ass and do Aaliyah justice.

 And further more I support young women doing positive things in life and Zendaya is a upcoming actress who is getting her feet wet. Aaliyah was a positive person when she was living and putting down Zendaya is not cool, we all are entitled to our opinions but remember she is a teenager coming up in this world lets support and not hate.

My concern about this film being made is the reports that the family is not supporting it and now good ole uncle Barry Hankerson (the same man who manage R.Kelly) is saying the Haughton family is apart of the film making process. Until I hear Mrs. Diane Haughton and Brother Rashad or hell even Damon Dash he was a very important person in her life too. Until I hear that they are supporting the film 100 percent, then it should left alone.

Aaliyah has been gone for about thirteen years and even thou it has been that long we can wait on a movie. Some folks say her mother and brother need to get over her passing and let me say this I kind of know what it is like to be in there shoes. I lost both of my parents and they been gone for nine and sixteen years. It still hurt like hell so to hear people say she been gone for so and so years they need to get over it is disrespectful.

If it was up to me and I had a the choice to put a Aaliyah film together. I would do it just how they did Tupac, first it was his resurrection documentary where the clips were pit together and actually had him narrate it and now they are actually putting his life story into portrayal by actors. That's how I would do it a documentary then a biopic well that just me. If her mother and brother stand behind and Zendaya stars in it, I just hope they do my girl some justice that is all.

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Anonymous said…
I've said that I don't think the actress looks a thing like Aaliyah, but I have no problem with her. The hate being thrown her way is ridiculous. People need to point their blaming fingers at Hollywood, not her.

Maybe it will be as good as the TLC movie that VH1 did. Who knows?
Tashema said…
Well now they have another actress playing the part, I mentioned before I didn't have a issue with Zendaya playing her. And this new girl I have no qualms about as well, my worry is are they gone to tell her in way that will be accurate and true

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