NO R.I.P: No reckless Internet posting

I created this blog because I like being on the Internet and being creative in giving my thoughts and points of view on the things that I am interested in. As a blogger I try my best to post things that is tasteful and not harmful to the world. Yes we have freedom of speech to say and post the things we want in this country, however just because we have those rights does not mean everything is to be said or read

The saying sticks and stones may break my bones and words will never hurt me.  Well words do hurt because they hold power, the tongue is mightier than the sword or these days the fingers punching keys are lethal and destructive.

The reason for this post is that I was watching Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta (hey guilty pleasure) on this current episode manager Debra Antney and mother of rap artist Waka Flaka Flame was talking about the death of her youngest son "Caodes "KayO" Scott"  who committed suicide at the end of 2013. After her son death Debra learned that her son was going back and forth with people online defending his mother, brother and other family members. 

The pressure of how cruel this world can be got to Kayo and unfortunately he decided to take his own life. He was only twenty two years old, Kayo is one of many who committed suicide due to online bullying. Debra created a foundation in her son honor called No R.I.P: No Reckless Internet Posting and to learn more about this movement please go to You never know what your words can mean to another person let's be mindful I know I will.

"Caodes "KayO" Scott"  1991-2013 may peace be with you young brother

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Anonymous said…
I agree. Words can be so hurtful and cruel, and people online can be the worst online because of that false sense of anonymity.

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