What happen to the R&B singer?

"Ain't nothin like the real thing baby" sung by late great soulful singers Marvin Gaye and Tanmi Terrell in the 1960's. A time where the motown sound was dominating radio with songs of love, heartache, romance, social injustice etc. That what R&B use to be, now we have songs like these "bitches be like, these hoes ain't loyal, smoke,drink&breakup and list goes on. The days of the R&B singer is behind us In my opinion now don't get me wrong there is a slew a talented singers and writers out there for this genre however its not what dominating the charts right now. There is a new form of ratchet music that is taking over. The men of rnb are no longer the crooner trying to win the woman affection they are too busy dimissing bitches in the club and the woman are no longer hopeful of finding that special someone they are too busy trying to get 2 on, and surfboarding (sorry Bey). Yes I talk alot about this subject, I mentioned before I volunteer for a online radio station and music is a part of who I am. With that being said I truly miss the variety of singers that use to be apart of R&B music. Whether it was Luther Vandross, Whitney, or Michael to Boyz men, Jodeci or Brandy. There use to be singers who use to sing songs about love. Yes I get it its not the 90s and the industry is business yeah yeah apples and oranges. Sometimes I wish some of the A&R reps, exec programmers would grow a set and say hey we are not going to play this BS. I get it my age demographic may not be the intended audience but the last time I checked when a artist like, Joe, SWV, Keith Sweat come to town its a packed house. I dont want to hear oh that type of music doesnt sell, the younger audience dont want here that it not billboard ready. Don't underestimate the young folks and dont forget about us in  my age group we actually have jobs to go concerts and by Cds yes actually go out and get the physical body of work. Thank god for electronics but it would be nice to turn on the radio and listen to some good music......becuase there ain't nothing like the real thing baby.


Anonymous said…
A few years ago, when I used to go to salons, there was one song playing that sounded romantic, until the guy started using N-word. What kind of mess is that?! The R & B of today doesn't have that magic and mystery to it like that of yesteryear's.

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