Age aint a nothing but number: Aaliyah debut turns twenty

May 24th 1994 It was spring time I was in sixth grade preparing for final exams and getting gready for summer. Around that time of course music was in the beginning stages of taking over my life. There was a song blowing up on the radio and that song was called back and forth by a newcomer named Aaliyah. I was introduced to Aaliyah from watching her video being played on the now defunct video channel called the box. From my first viewing of the video I was hooked. I wanted to know who she was, where did she come from. On May 24th  her  CD dropped. I can admit this as a Aaliyah fan, at first I was not wild about this CD, you have to remember I was thirteen in 94 my ear was not quite trained for music listening. It was all about the fanfare, the videos, the magazines, posters etc. It was a bit over my head at the time, until the middle of summer  approached. I started listening to my Aaliyah cassette daily. It was then when I fell in love with this album. I am not an R.kelly fan however at the time he was producing Aaliyah. I will say I appreciate his production on this album. My favorite songs are, At your best, Street thing, young nation, back n forth. What I liked about this debut is that even though she was only fifteen at the time. Aaliyah vocals was smooth and mellow and of course it had 90's flavor on it also had jazzy  under tone as well. For this being her first offering of what was yet to come was pretty impressive in my eyes. We all know also in 1994 the rumors of Aaliyah being married to R.Kelly was taking over and in my personal opinion overshadowed this great body of work. So today as I remember this debut from Aaliyah, I also want to remember that she would have been celebrating a twenty year music career if she was here today. Happy birthday Age aint nothing but a number.

P.S I am loyal Aaliyah fan until the end......


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