What About Him.....

Mimi & Nikko

Well I am pretty sure you know by now about  love and hip hop Atlanta stars Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko infamous sex tape that  has been released through  vivid entertainment.  And you may heard about the true star of the video  which is the shower rod, I am not here to talk about the theatrics of the video. What I want to discuss is why is it that Mimi catching all the flak and not her boyfriend?  In 2014 double standard in my opinion is at an all time high. I am not applauding or condoning this video, my gripe is why is it every time one of these videos come out the women in these videos catches all the heat. Every single time from Pamela Anderson to Kim Kardashian, they were being labeled the slut, the whore you name it. Meanwhile Tommy Lee, Ray J and now Nikko walks away with a clean slate, and getting props from the male audience as usual. Its not cool at all both participants should be found at fault.  Since people want to point fingers. Yes Mimi is a mother and this is a very bad example for her child no doubt about that and later on in life her daughter will have to go through the pain and embarrassment of this video. However isn't Nikko somebody son, brother or uncle etc;. And the end of the this video was made brought and sold for public consumption, If we gone point fingers at one we have to point fingers at everyone involved.

Mimi was not the only one in the video


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