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1994 I was a thirteen year old young girl and during that year I was in between sixth and seventh grade life was good back then. I was growing up in my hometown Buffalo NY, that same year our NFL team the buffalo bills had lost another super bowl and that was the last one they lost. Being a kid at that time I spent a lot of time listen to the radio day in and day out. The station I mainly listened to at the time at the most was W.B.L.K 93.7 and at time the station was going under the moniker Power 94. At that time I did not realize it but that title had a very significant meaning to my childhood and being a music lover. In 1994 some great albums came out that year. As of recently my favorite rap artist Nas celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut album Illmatic (Oh what a classic that is) That same year along with Nas there were more up and coming artist and also some other great album releases from established artist as well.

So here goes my top five albums of 1994

Aaliyah: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number - Released May 24 1994

1994 was the debut of this young fifteen year old shy teenager from Detroit MI, Aaliyah debut album was titled "Age aint nothing but a number" Produced by R.Kelly. first single off that album was "Back & Forth" followed by "At your best" & album title "Age aint nothing but a number" The memories I have listening to this album (will be a later post). This was an awesome album well produced, even though I am not the biggest R.Kelly fan he did his thing as producer on this album. Yes Aaliyah is one of my favorite artist to this day and will always be. During 1994 a big controversy came about rumored Marriage between R.Kelly and Aaliyah. The album it self was overshadowed by this story it did go on to become platinum, however it never got the props I think it deserved but It will next month on this blog

Album turns twenty on 05/24/14

Brandy: Brandy - Released September 27 1994

Another teen sensation on the scene was none other then fifteen year old Brandy Norwood fresh off her stint of the short lived sitcom Thea. Brandy made her singing debut in 1994 with the single that was being played on radio stations everywhere "I want to be down". I tell you when this album dropped It was brandy being played every single day in my Walkman to and from school, the album also had the singles Baby, Best Friend, Broken hearted (never noticed most of those singles started with the letter B) Brandy went on to become quadruple platinum gone girl. Still a great album to this day and is on heavy rotation on my I pod more to come on this debut on the album anniversary

Album turns twenty on 09/27/14

Boyz II Men - II Released on August 30th 1994

The four gentlemen from Philly, Boyz II Men who released their debut album cooleyhighharmony in 1991, II was their sophomore album released in late summer of 94. This album had the mega hits on it "I'll make love to you. on bended knee, when water runs dry, thank you, yesterday" by 1995 this album went twelve times platinum in the USA. And it was well deserved, songwriting, production, order of the songs made this a great album I love other boyz II men albums, but this is my number one favorite by them and it should serve as blueprint on how to make a successful album that actually means something. If you dont have  album please go to the I tunes store and do yourself a favor.

Album turns twenty on 08/30/14

Mary J Blige - My Life Released on November 29th 1994

I thought Mary first album What's the 411 was the illest album during 92-93 and then she surprised me in 1994 with her sophomore album My life. At that time I know at thirteen I was not aware of the trials and tribulations that Mary was going through in her personal life. Listening to My Life I knew this was not an ordinary album that I listening too. The tittle track alone was deep and introspective, Through out this album I heard Mary's pain, laughter, and other emotions on every song. With singles such as " Be Happy, Im going down, You bring me Joy, I love you, Mary Jane, My life" could not help but to love this album.

Album turns twenty on 11/29/14

Notorious B.I.G - Ready to Die, Released September 13th 1994

As a product of an east coast upbringing and lover of hip-hop music I have to talk about this album, in 1994 east coast hip hop was the shit in the 90's. And yes like I said Nas is my favorite rapper and yes Illmatic is one of my favorite albums ( a repost of the album will be posted). With that being said I have to talk about the ready to die album by Notorious B.I.G. When you want to hear slick word play and slick production this is the album for you. on the song who shot ya when puffy says in beginning "as we proceed to give you what you need" He indeed gave the hip hop listeners what we needed and this album helped defined that era. Right now I still listen to ready to die and get sad at sametime becuase the potential that B.I.G had if he lived beyond his twenty four years would have been incredible. Album singles included, "One chance, Big Poppa & Juicy"

Album turns twenty on 09/13/14 and 1ronically Tupac 18th aniversary of his death will be 09/13/14

These are my top five albums of 1994 and here are some more of my favorite albums from 1994

1. TLC- Crazy sexy cool
2. Billy Lawrence -One Might Say
3. Blackstreet - Blackstreet
4. Brownstown - From the bottom up
5. Immature - Playtime is over
6. Usher- Usher
7. Ladae - The Moment
8. Ralph Tresvant- It's going down
9. Shanice - 21 ways to grow
10. Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas
11. Jade - Mind, Body & Soul
12. Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
13. Common Sense -Ressurection
14. Scarface -The Diary
15. Warren G -Regulator
16. Method Man - Tical
17. Alanis Morisette - Jagged little Pill
18. Red Man - there is a dark Side
19.Keith Murray -The most beautifulliest thing in this world
20. Da Youngsta's - No Mercy

Also peep gumballmag review on 1994......They understand this was an great era http://gumballmag.com/music/was-1994-the-best-year-in-music/


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