Mixtape Sessions: The Black Hystori Project By Chyi the Prynce

Well I have introduced to you the extended play section of this blog and I now I am introducing you to another section called Mixtape sessions; originally a mixtape was actually music audio recordings on cassette tapes. In the hip hop culture the mixtape started as DJ’s putting live recordings of their shows on tapes to sell to the public as the 1990’s progressed mixtapes would become a collection of different rap artists acappella vocals being rhymed over instrumentals of R&B or other hip hop artists songs.  Mixtapes are no longer on cassette tapes  they either are on CD or digital download. Today’s hip hop artists put out Mixtape as a pre release before the album of original music comes out.
The mixtape project that I will be highlighting today is from an artist currently signed to Kanye West’s good music label his name is Chyi the Prynce he is a rap artist based out of the Atlanta GA area. Chyi has been in the game for a minute and I am familiar with him and his other projects, however I never paid attention to him in depth until I was in a friend car and they was playing this mixtape in their car and the production and rhymes was not the norm of what in current in hip hop right now.
So I went home and downloaded the Black Hystori Project and I must say this dude should have sold this mixtape as a full length album on ITunes for $12.99, but this is blessing in disguise to be given to us for free. I have not played a hip hop project like this from front to back since the Nas life is good album that came out in 2012. This mixtape has a high replay value it is well executed to say the least.
Chyi wordplay and metaphors is on point they way he delivers his flows reminds me of how hip hop use to be when artist use to attack the beat ( when artist flow with the music production to perfection) he is aggressive on most of the tracks. This mixtape is cohesive and sonically pleasing to my ears.  Speaking for myself whether it’s hip hop, R&B, pop, Jazz, rock etc for a song to catch my ear I don’t hear the words at first, it’s the quality of production that I hear first and that determines for me whether or not a song it worth listening to and for this Chyi project every song is worth listening to.
My favorite tracks off the tape are 3:16, basquiat, Coretta, Barry white, Napoleon, Mandela and Cydel young, The song 3:16 had me at hello first it’s uses a more slowed down instrumental of Da la soul song stakes is high which was originally produced by late great producer Jay Dilla who also sampled "Mind Power" by  James Brown and "Swahililand" by Ahmad Jamal. 3:16 is played the most when I listen to the mixtape.
The concept of the Black hystori mixtape came about when Cyhi nephew wanted to do a black history project on his uncle. The nephew was told his uncle was not enough of a significance to do a report on. Cyhi took this concept and mixed past history with mentions prominent figures and today current state of the African American culture and created a dope body of work.
As I was told as child growing up black history is something to be celebrated all 365 days of the year and Cyhi the prince has made the realization comeback to life well done sir.


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