Hip Hop & it Won’t stop: Kendrick Lamar and the miseducation of a culture

Once again let’s talk about the Grammies, (I am a music nerd keep that in mind) so this year category for Rap album of the year nominees were: Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist, Drake: Nothing was the same, Jay-Z: Magna Carta…Holy Grail, Kanye West: Yeezys, Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid, M.A.AD City and the trophy went to Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis. Those of us who are apart and lovers of hip-hop were deeply upset and sadden being that many feel that Kendrick was a sure shot for winning the Grammy for that category being that he did have one the best rap albums of 2013.

To be honest did I want Kendrick to win? hell yes and was I surprised that Mackelmore won? hell no. And before I go any further this is not about black and white rappers this about music content, with that being said Kendrick never had a shot in this category neither did Jay-Z or Drake. Mackelmore has blown up not only as a hip hop artist but as a pop artist and he came out with a song that made a impact on American society.

The song that I am referring to is the song called same love a song about supporting gay marriage and in the American agenda of 2013 gay marriage was a widely talked about and debated topic. I know you may be wondering well what does that have to do with Mackelmore winning the award? Well let’s see he is heterosexual man who is also a hip hop artist rapping about subject that is taboo in hip-hop culture. Hmmm he was nominated for an award by the national recording academy which are voted by people who in all reality probably don’t listen to hip hop on a day to day basis.

So to think that someone of those credentials would sit and listen and Identify with the complexities of life in Compton being narrated by Kendrick or hearing Drake chant “motherfuckas don’t love us” Versus someone rapping about a hot button topic going on American soil. In 20 odd years of listening to hip hop music and watching numerous awards shows in my lifetime I learned a long time ago that in this culture the music will never get its proper due especially at the show such as the Grammies. No matter how much we to want and rave what it all boils downs with these awards shows is what is popular on that top 40 chart.

I can sit in front of panel of judges and dissect each of those albums nominated and plead on which album should win, that will fall on def ears because the content sometimes is not relatable for some folks. At the end of the day this establishment is not going to recognize the culture of hip hop for what it truly is, along rappers go pop and hit top 40 those records and albums will always win


Tashema said…
Will be doing this one over and give a more deeper insight

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