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Extended Play II

Slow it down: bring back the ballads

I am a thirty something music lover  (Self proclaimed music nerd) as I get older I have noticed over the years my taste in music has been gearing towards older music of the past. I will forever and always love music from the 80’s and 90’s but now I also listen to music from the 60’s and 70’s as well. I don’t feel I am too told old for current popular music is just that a lot of today's music is absolutely terrible, I am just being honest.

I am speaking of all genres of music as well, I have the cable channels MTV jams, MTV Hits. And on the hits and jams stations I see the same artists and the same videos played all the time, and the same type of songs with the same type of production. It is very annoying,  catchy hooks and stupid anthems is what the current sound of music is today; I don’t even bother with radio in my current city because the songs on rotation at these stations suck, thank God for the invention of the IPod because without it I would be suffering in music hel…

Hip Hop & it Won’t stop: Kendrick Lamar and the miseducation of a culture

Once again let’s talk about the Grammies, (I am a music nerd keep that in mind) so this year category for Rap album of the year nominees were: Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist, Drake: Nothing was the same, Jay-Z: Magna Carta…Holy Grail, Kanye West: Yeezys, Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid, M.A.AD City and the trophy went to Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis. Those of us who are apart and lovers of hip-hop were deeply upset and sadden being that many feel that Kendrick was a sure shot for winning the Grammy for that category being that he did have one the best rap albums of 2013.

To be honest did I want Kendrick to win? hell yes and was I surprised that Mackelmore won? hell no. And before I go any further this is not about black and white rappers this about music content, with that being said Kendrick never had a shot in this category neither did Jay-Z or Drake. Mackelmore has blown up not only as a hip hop artist but as a pop artist and he came out with a song that made a impact on Americ…

It's not that serious folks

Last Sunday was the Grammy awards that aired on CBS, the show openers this year was none other than Jay-Z & Beyonce. A lot of folks were disappointed with her performance because it was not up to the usual high caliber performance. Eh I wasn’t over the moon about the performance however it did not ruin my life like it did a lot of people (not that serious folks).

The reason for my post on this subject is that a news paper across the pond in the United Kingdom called Mrs. Carter a Whore in bold black letters. I do understand that some parents were concerned and outrage with the performance saying the performance was trashy and some had to turn the channel right away due to not wanting their children seeing it.

I am not a parent right now and if I did have children of course I would not want them to watch or hear anything inappropriate. But on the flip side of that if they were to see something that I would deem inappropriate instead of getting my panties in bunch and going to fa…