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Have a Kit Kat

I suggest next time when y'all take another break eat a Kit Kat

Hello folks I am back Happy new year and first off let me start off and say R.I.P to James Avery aka Uncle Phil from the fresh prince of bel-air. Rest well Uncle Phil....

On to the next well I am not the one to gossip but here I go, this is old news by now but I had to speak on it for this blog. Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat and rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges both have fathered children outside of their current relationships. Dwayne is currently engaged to actress Gabrielle Union and Ludacris is in a relationship with long time girlfriend Eudoxie.

Now both of these fellas claim they were on breaks in their relationships when the children were conceived. Now I don't know neither one of these guys or their ladies personally. They are grown folks living their lives. However they are public figures; Its is now 2014 it time for folks to keep it real and say what it really is.

Relationships can be tough I get that and sometimes people need a cooling off period and during that cooling off one might start to see another person okay we get that. But if your on a break from your significant other and you tend to date or sleep with another individual next time use protection.

Damn is it that hard guys? I mean really a break and than they go off and make babies than comeback like its all good, that what sucks about dating in the 21st its a never ending cycles of drama. Like I said I am not in these folks household, who knows what the ladies are going  through when they are not in the spotlight.

I see a trend happening and the trend is probably going produce the memes and hash tags called "Break Babies" and now excuses will be made for how and why the next generation of children were conceived, I guess we are now entering the break baby generation.

Next time you fellas or any one decides to take a break go eat a snickers or have kit kat and sit your ass down some where.


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