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Forever & Always

Well I know I am a week late but on January 16th it would have been the late singer Aaliyah 35th birthday. On that day I was traveling,  and as I was in sky through out my flight Aaliyah was on my mind.

For those of you that don't know Aaliyah she was a American R&B singer who at the age of 22 perished in a plane crash along with eight others coming from a video shoot in the Bahamas on August 25th 2001.

If anyone knows me understands that I am and always will be a huge Aaliyah fan, in 1994 at the age of thirteen. I was your typical teenage girl in junior high who loved music and had crushes on boys and read Right On! magazine faithfully. On the old the music network called the box ( a video channel where people could call in and order their favorite music videos) a video came on with this beautiful young girl wearing baggy clothes and sun glasses singing a cool groove (90's lingo).

The song was titled "Back & Forth" featuring R. Kelly (yeah, yeah I know …

Radio Phoenix

Besides writing this blog (which I will keep posted more often) I also volunteer there my time with a non profit radio station called Radio Phoenix and part of my volunteer duties is that I actually produce two talks shows

The Talk shows I produce:

Relevance A weekly radio program examining current issues of local concern and how they intersect with spirituality and faith. Hosted by Rev. John C. Dorhauer. 9-9:30am Sat

The Venus Vault Real women, real talk. Be surprised, inspired, and sometimes shocked with
talk about anything and everything affecting women. Hosted by SyndeeLou Jones and guest co-hosts.

10-11am Sun (

And You can tune into these both of these show @