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The Runner: Episode 1 "Whats Really good"

Episode one is here, find out what you can do to help make The Runner a success.  In order for our cast and crew to film the remainder of season we will need your support. A campaign has been started through a crowd funding site called indiegogo.  To learn more about donating to this project please log on to  

And to learn about the series please log on to

Kind Regards
The Team at the Runner

Try Again

Sighs.........well I didn't watch the Aaliyah biopic, so I can't give my analysis on the movie,  however social media gave me a brief synopsis of it.I am glad I didn't watch it; Not that I am expecting oscar award winning performances. The fact that family or friends was not involved was my gripe with the film. As a fan of Aaliyah as much as I would love to see a biopic of her life.  Along with other fans, we want it done right. In 1998 NBC made for TV movie of motown group The Temptations was an awesome TV movie.  It told the true story of the group and insight of who they were outside the spot light. And that's how a bio pic works, this Aaliyah  movie is based off a book that came out a few months after her death. I actually read the book and it told basically what we already knew. This film was a just a google time line of her life.Aaliyah and her family deserves better, yes she been gone for thirteen years. I get that some feel the family should have been more coop…

Web series: The Runner

I know its been a while, as I mentioned in past post I am embarking on a new adventure. I am in the process of developing and producing a web show titled the runner. Episode one has been filmed and is now currently in post production For more information about the series please log onto and also we are raising funds for a full season to be filmed please log onto I will be back to posting soon and also stayed tuned for The runner See you soon......

New Adventures

Well I am embarking on a new adventure and I am proud to say I am putting a production together for my script and turning it into  web series. Currently right now I am posting for casting call so if for those who read this blog and lives in the Phoenix AZ area please read below

The Runner- Web series

Taylor is a single woman who has everything going for her except in the love department, meeting the right guys is not a issue for her. The issue for her is staying interested long enough to see a relationship flourish.

Casting for Pilot Episode

Taylor Douglas: (mid 20's early 30's) African American Female
Taylor is a funny, smart intelligent woman who knows what she wants out of life but when it comes to love and relationships, she won't be attached for a long period of time. .

Reese Porter: (Mid 20's early 30's) African American Female
Taylor's best friend and often time mild mannered, very sweet to a fault and usually the voice of reason when it comes her …

I wanna be down: Brandy debut album turns twenty

photos courtesy from me

September 27th 1994: Brandy releases self titled debut album "Brandy"

Once again this story takes place in the summer of 1994 (true story and good music came out that summer). Aaliyah was rising, Nas and Biggie smalls brought hip hop back to the east coast, Toni Braxton was huge on the charts (love her music too) the good fellas of Boyz II Men was coming back with their second album (check out power 94 post). And on the horizon was Mary's my life album. Who ever is reading this I know you're probably thinking I wish she would get to the point and I will. There was no denying the impact of  Brandy single "I wanna be down" It was always on the radio and the video was always on TV.

I was very familiar with this young lady name Brandy, just a year prior she was on the now defunct sitcom Thea. I knew she could sing because she sung on one of the episodes. And at the time I thought she had a great voice, I didn't think much else because…

So many Tears: The death of Tupac eighteen years later

Photo from google search

Ironic that Notorious Big and Tupac Shakur would have share a date in hip hop history

September 13th 1996: Tupac Amaru Shakur died........

Hip hop was never the same after Pac died I will never forget that day as long as I live, September 13th 1996 was on a Friday. I had just finished my second full week of my freshmen year of high school so a sista was super tired. It was a long week of getting adjusted to different class schedules, long home work assignments, getting lost and getting to class on time. New world for me, I remember later that night I was laying in my bed my mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen and as usual she was playing the radio. As I listened to the rain fall the DJ interrupts song and announces Tupac died from his gun shots wounds he was twenty five years old. Complete and utter silence in my house that night and that Monday morning the bus ride on the way to school was silent as if Tupac was a student at South Park high school in …

It was all a dream: Ready to Die turns twenty

"As we proceed to give you what you need" - Intro to Who shot ya-- Puffy Daddy aka Diddy

September 13th1994: Ready To Die drops in stores.......

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you should already know how I feel about the year 1994 when it comes to music. I am at that age where I sit back and reflect on how music of  my youth played a role in my coming of age.  September 13th 1994 at the time new rap artist Biggie smalls aka Notorious B.I.G released his debut album "Ready to Die" The narrative of new york street life with a score, well that is how is viewed it. That summer "Juicy" was blowing up (90's slang) all over the radio and TV stations; couldn't not get away from that song no matter how hard I tried, but I loved it.

Many hip hop fans will give you different accounts on why they feel this is a classic rap album, well here is my two cents. West coast hip hop was a dominating force in the culture in the early nineties of cour…

Internet killed the magazine cover

Vibe magazine covers from google search

Last post was on transitions and how changes are being made in my life and just in the world in general. When I was growing up all the way through my twenties I was a magazine collector; I was into the teeny bopper magazines at first. Such as bop, big bopper, Right-on!, Word up, Fresh, Fly, black beat, teen machine, super teen and the list goes on.

As I moved into my teens and twenties, I started to read YSB(another good publication that saw it fate too early),  teen people (another one)ebony, jet (this one too), essence, rolling stone, the source, XXL.

But one particular magazine apart of the list is Vibe my first glance of vibe magazine was in 1994 and the beastie boys was on the cover (R.I.P MCA) it was a very huge magazine a lot like rolling stone but geared towards the urban hip-hop and R&B market's. Vibe was influential in covering controversial topics such as infamous east coast vs. west coast beef involving late rap artists Tupac…


I know I have not posted any thing in the last few weeks it has been so much going on in the world with recent killings of Michael Brown, American Journalists getting their heads decapitated, Ice bucket challenges etc. Its not that I don't have an opinion on these items but the at of the day these topics has been talked , discussed, debated,  posted facebook, twitter and instagram.  With me blogging, it will be just another think piece and no actual solution and yes I would to help create a resolution in due time.

Now will I will discussing such topics as I see fit but right I myself am in a transitional period. My thoughts and creative process is coming together so I do apologize if I am not catering to the masses on a daily basis. I promise to keep coming with different content as the days come. Being in a transitional phase is becoming to be actually refreshing to me. I recently had a disagreement with a friend who was upset about me bring up certain topics during a outing.


Music Nerd: A Grammy Conversation -The State of R&B (Part 1)

"It's about working it R&B is not like fast like Hip-Hop, It's not fast like Pop it's not of the moment you got to spend some time with it"-Gail Mitchell Sr. Editor of Billboard magazine

Yes I have harped on this topic time and time again, well that what music nerds do we discuss music and on that note I came across a video on youtube called Grammy conversations a panel where artists, writers and producers discussed the state of R&B music check out the video below

Video from Youtube Channel: This is RnB

The Writing on the Wall: Destiny's Child second album turns 15

The year was 1999 going into the last month of summer and a month before the start of my senior year, as usual I was chilling aside from doing summer classes in the morning. Making my regular visits to record store (for you young folks a place where they sell, CD's, Vinyl and cassettes tapes) in the summer of 1999 radio still was something to listen to. That summer one of my favorite groups at the time had out a song called "Bills, Bills, Bills" performed by Destiny's Child.

On July 28th 1999 they released their second album entitled The writing is on the wall and that tittle held another meaning months after the release. I was eighteen when that CD dropped and from what I remember when listening to it. My thoughts were man this joint is tight (Hey I was teenager thats how we talked) eighteen cuts dope front to back. With other singles like "Bug A Boo" "Say my name" and "Jumpin Jumpin" this album was fun and youthful.

My favorite song o…

Four years and counting

July 3oth is my four year anniversary of living in the state of Arizona, fours years ago I came and stayed with my best friend. A lot people ask me why Arizona?, isn't too hot out there in the summer? and isn't it a desert? Yes its gets really hot because it is a desert and the reason why I moved out here is that I wanted change and needed it.

 Four years ago I was in my late twenties living in my granddad house, also the same house I grew up in.  At that point I was a stage of wanting something different, I did everything I possibly could do in the city of Buffalo. Of course I was born there I attended school received my high diploma and also my associates and bachelors (yes I am educated). I lost my mother and father in Buffalo along with other relatives. Job wise there wasn't much at the time and from the look of things that has not changed much since I left.

I went back home to visit twice and I do see significant changes in my hometown but it still has a long way to …

The curious case of the Aaliyah biopic

Those of you who read this blog should know by now that yes I am a big Aaliyah fan forever and always. With that being said this past week there has been petitions being made fans speaking out against the casting of Aaliyah biopic. This week it was announced that seventeen year old Zendaya Coleman of Disney channel show shake it up has been cast as Aaliyah and that has pissed off a lot of folks. Surprisingly I am not upset by it, would she have been my first choice? of course not but I am not a casting director nor am I hater.

Zendaya getting the part does not bother me (please don't kick me out the legion) We are living in twenty fourteen and what has been going in entertainment does surprise me at all. If this movie is going to happen I hope she prove me wrong like rapper lil mama did when she portrayed left eye in the TLC movie, I'm hoping she kick ass and do Aaliyah justice.

 And further more I support young women doing positive things in life and Zendaya is a upcoming ac…

NO R.I.P: No reckless Internet posting

I created this blog because I like being on the Internet and being creative in giving my thoughts and points of view on the things that I am interested in. As a blogger I try my best to post things that is tasteful and not harmful to the world. Yes we have freedom of speech to say and post the things we want in this country, however just because we have those rights does not mean everything is to be said or read. 

The saying sticks and stones may break my bones and words will never hurt me.  Well words do hurt because they hold power, the tongue is mightier than the sword or these days the fingers punching keys are lethal and destructive.

The reason for this post is that I was watching Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta (hey guilty pleasure) on this current episode manager Debra Antney and mother of rap artist Waka Flaka Flame was talking about the death of her youngest son "Caodes "KayO" Scott"  who committed suicide at the end of 2013. After her son death Debra learned that …

What happen to the R&B singer?

"Ain't nothin like the real thing baby" sung by late great soulful singers Marvin Gaye and Tanmi Terrell in the 1960's. A time where the motown sound was dominating radio with songs of love, heartache, romance, social injustice etc. That what R&B use to be, now we have songs like these "bitches be like, these hoes ain't loyal, smoke,drink&breakup and list goes on. The days of the R&B singer is behind us In my opinion now don't get me wrong there is a slew a talented singers and writers out there for this genre however its not what dominating the charts right now. There is a new form of ratchet music that is taking over. The men of rnb are no longer the crooner trying to win the woman affection they are too busy dimissing bitches in the club and the woman are no longer hopeful of finding that special someone they are too busy trying to get 2 on, and surfboarding (sorry Bey). Yes I talk alot about this subject, I mentioned before I volunteer fo…

Age aint a nothing but number: Aaliyah debut turns twenty

May 24th 1994 It was spring time I was in sixth grade preparing for final exams and getting gready for summer. Around that time of course music was in the beginning stages of taking over my life. There was a song blowing up on the radio and that song was called back and forth by a newcomer named Aaliyah. I was introduced to Aaliyah from watching her video being played on the now defunct video channel called the box. From my first viewing of the video I was hooked. I wanted to know who she was, where did she come from. On May 24th  her  CD dropped. I can admit this as a Aaliyah fan, at first I was not wild about this CD, you have to remember I was thirteen in 94 my ear was not quite trained for music listening. It was all about the fanfare, the videos, the magazines, posters etc. It was a bit over my head at the time, until the middle of summer  approached. I started listening to my Aaliyah cassette daily. It was then when I fell in love with this album. I am not an R.kelly fan howeve…

Power 94

1994 I was a thirteen year old young girl and during that year I was in between sixth and seventh grade life was good back then. I was growing up in my hometown Buffalo NY, that same year our NFL team the buffalo bills had lost another super bowl and that was the last one they lost. Being a kid at that time I spent a lot of time listen to the radio day in and day out. The station I mainly listened to at the time at the most was W.B.L.K 93.7 and at time the station was going under the moniker Power 94. At that time I did not realize it but that title had a very significant meaning to my childhood and being a music lover. In 1994 some great albums came out that year. As of recently my favorite rap artist Nas celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut album Illmatic (Oh what a classic that is) That same year along with Nas there were more up and coming artist and also some other great album releases from established artist as well.

So here goes my top five albums of 1994

Aaliyah: Age Ai…

What About Him.....

Well I am pretty sure you know by now about  love and hip hop Atlanta stars Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko infamous sex tape that  has been released through  vivid entertainment.  And you may heard about the true star of the video  which is the shower rod, I am not here to talk about the theatrics of the video. What I want to discuss is why is it that Mimi catching all the flak and not her boyfriend?  In 2014 double standard in my opinion is at an all time high. I am not applauding or condoning this video, my gripe is why is it every time one of these videos come out the women in these videos catches all the heat. Every single time from Pamela Anderson to Kim Kardashian, they were being labeled the slut, the whore you name it. Meanwhile Tommy Lee, Ray J and now Nikko walks away with a clean slate, and getting props from the male audience as usual. Its not cool at all both participants should be found at fault.  Since people want to point fingers. Yes Mimi is a mother and this is …

A change has come

A change is going to come Well this blog was originally called Shemacomplex, Hi I am Shema; any who I changed it to Fresh complex and the reason for the change is that I was looking for something different and something what’s the word? Or yeah fresh, well I am trying to be clever. Anyways what I realize is that the music nerd in me has completely taken over this blog as you can see below I do EP (extended play) reviews, gripe about how music use and all that jazz. Even though the blog is heavy on the music content, I still will speak on social issues that affect me and other as well. Welcome to a new beginning

Mixtape Sessions: The Black Hystori Project By Chyi the Prynce

Well I have introduced to you the extended play section of this blog and I now I am introducing you to another section called Mixtape sessions; originally a mixtape was actually music audio recordings on cassette tapes. In the hip hop culture the mixtape started as DJ’s putting live recordings of their shows on tapes to sell to the public as the 1990’s progressed mixtapes would become a collection of different rap artists acappella vocals being rhymed over instrumentals of R&B or other hip hop artists songs.  Mixtapes are no longer on cassette tapes  they either are on CD or digital download. Today’s hip hop artists put out Mixtape as a pre release before the album of original music comes out. The mixtape project that I will be highlighting today is from an artist currently signed to Kanye West’s good music label his name is Chyi the Prynce he is a rap artist based out of the Atlanta GA area. Chyi has been in the game for a minute and I am familiar with him and his other projects, …

Extended Play II