Praying for Time......

I remember being a high school student in the spring of 1999 at time I was living in upstate new york, I came home from school and on the news there was a mass school shooting at columbine high school in colorodo. Two students went into the school that day and open fire killing classmates and then in the end the shooters ended up killing them selves. At that time I thought that was so terrible and awful that had happened.

I was under the impression that it would not happen again, then of course there were many more school shootings since. Now its fourteen years later and there has been another school shooting in the state of colorodo this time in Centennial Colorodo in arapahoe county which is also near Columbine. So far reports surfaced that two students were injured and then the shooter died from self inflicted and gun shot wounds.

This story has been heard one too many times in my lifetime, it so much that goes on in this world that it makes my head spin. December 14th marks the one year aniversary of the sandy hook school shooting that took place in Newtown Conneticut last year. It's time to start a start dialogue and I mean a serious dialogue, becuase things have gotten way out of hand in the american school system. From what I am understanding the shooter in this recent shooting had an issue with faculty and by the grace of God that teacher was made aware of threats and was able to get away.

It is time for parents to become more directly involved in the lives of their children find out what going in their lives. Parents, teachers and the communities need to come together to find a effective resolution so kids can to school in safe enviroment. Sending children and teens to school in modern day is becoming more and more dangerous each day. We don't know what makes the next person tick so it time to be mindful of those things becuase in the end it can cause alot of pain and suffering, we already deal with too much of that.


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