Luke James

Man crush Monday is the current weekly topic where people talk about their current man crushes and on this blog yes I talk about a lot of things in pop culture, I will be covering more music, political topics and things in my world that are interesting and important to me.

With that being said I have a crush on this artist Luke James and is in love with his music. He is currently on tour with as the open act for Beyonce (I know those who may read this blog, say to them selves if she mention this chick one more time...sorry the he is on her tour) And he has a EP out called "Whispers in the Dark" good lord that is such a good listen ladies do your self a favor and listen to this EP.

Luke has a very soulful voice and he is something to definitely look out in music right now, He is apart of this new wave of progressive R&B movement. A Resurgence that this genre needed much appreciate his contribution to music.

My man crush for the moment and pretty much most this year check out his Live performance of

"Make love to me"


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