Let it Reign

December 13th was just a ordinary day for many of us, some was getting ready for school, work or just enjoying another friday. and low and behold Mrs Carter Knowles aka Beyonce has dropped an unexpected visual album to the masses on Itunes. The beehive is in a frenzy with this new album from the Queen B. It seems that she has followed the trend of her husband Jay Z, he dropped a album back in the summer only after a month of anouncing that he was coming with new collection of songs. And Samsung company brought a million copies of the album and release it to users of samsung phones on july fourth 2013. The Carters have decided to make their own rules when it comes to releasing albums in this era, the old way of presenting music to the masses does not work like it use to. So far I have heard some snippets of the album and from what I have heard it seem to be alright so far I am getting a mellow vibe. I read some review from others some is loving and some hate, either way she us talking and that what keeps a artist relevant, so we continue to live in the reign of Beyonce. Long live the queen....


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