Let it Reign Part II

I have always been a moderate Beyonce fan, basically I like her music overall she has always been good artist in my opinion. But after recently dropping album on us on out the blue. The previous post I had, was just a quick acknowledgement that she released a album. To be honest I didn't have the time to really process the fact that this woman released a album with no promotion, no hints, nothing at all. In 2013 artists struggle to go gold let alone platinum with promotion. And what Beyonce did from my knowledge has never been done before.

She basically just gave the industry a middle finger and said fuck y'all I'm putting an album love or hate it, deal with it. I had a chance to really sit down and listen to the album, I do like the album and I am not just saying that because it the current trending topic at the moment. This is one of her better albums out of her solo collection. Of course my favorite is Dangerously in love, The Beyonce album is definitely Number two as far a Beyonce album goes.

I definitely had a couple of songs on repeat, the song "Mine feat Drake" probably the most personal song on the album with lyrics like this: "Now I'm even more lost And  you're still so fine, oh my oh my
Been having conversations about breakups and separations I'm not feeling like myself since the baby
Are we gonna even make it?" the production is dope it was handled by Drake producer 40 Shebib and very piano driven and Drake added his personal touch with his signature rap sing vocals to the song.

The song that forced me to listen to the album and made me realize this is not a fluke this is not a game. Is the song titled "Superpower feat Frank Ocean". Okay I was seriously not expecting a song like this from Beyonce. I really wasn't: Love on top was great, Get me bodied was cool, loved if I was a boy. Frank Ocean we know his talent we know what he is capable of with him on the chorus is icing on the cake.

The song "Blow" reeks of her sister Solange influence and I so mean that in a good way, I don't have the album jacket yet to see if Solange contributed to this song. I think little sister played a role through out the album just my opinion. But song it self is funky and got a cool type 70's vibe melodic feel. And with lyrics "can you eat my skittles it sweetest in the middle" and then the line "can't wait until  you turn this cherry out". When I first heard those lines I had to ask myself did she really just say that? Well she sure did.

The song "Haunted"  she totally went left on this track and I had a couple of rewinds after these lyrics: And I've been drifting off on knowledge Cat-calls on cat-walks, man these women getting solemn I could sing a song for a Solomon or Salamander We took a flight at midnight and now my mind can't help but wonder: how come? Spoon-fed pluralized eyes to find the beaches in the forest
When I'm looking off the edge, I preach my gut it can't help but ignore it I'm climbing up the walls cause all the shit I hear is boring All the shit I do is boring, all these record labels boring
I don't trust these record labels, I'm touring

The overall sound of haunted is dark and makes me wonder will there ever be a dark Beyonce album? I sure do hope so. Overall I like this albums there are some songs I am not crazy about but I am not mad at . I do like the fact that this a visual album and yes I paid my $15.99 to get both songs and videos. Beyonce has definitely change the game of releasing new music so at this point it what now, what next?

I am not in the beehive but if she keep doing things like this I will be on twitter talking reckless for no reason about how wonderful Beyonce is.

To some up what I really feel peep Kid Fury below:


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